The AFA of PA responds to Iowa decision

Ah, Diane Gramley is a wee bit upset that our midWestern cousins have determined that equality means true equality.  At least in terms of state approved marriage.  She's plays her strongest card to push for a marriage amendment in PA — Iowa overturning a DOMA law.  What she doesn't tell you is that, to my knowledge, no couples are contemplating suing the Commonwealth on DOMA, precisely because it would trigger a constitutional Amendment.  We aren't stupid.  Iowa doesn't allow for citizens initiated ballot initiatives.  Diane is not happy.

Iowa Supreme Court’s Decision Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Shows Need for PA Marriage Amendment
(Harrisburg) – Today’s unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court to throw out that state’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) proves the warnings of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania  (AFA of PA) and others have been valid.  Those who hold that one man one woman marriage is the only true definition of marriage have been ridiculed when trying to push for the right of Pennsylvanians to vote on a Marriage Protect Amendment (MPA). 

“One of the reasons thrown at us during the two attempts to get a ballot initiative before the people has been that ‘we have a Defense of Marriage Act.’  As we said during those times and reiterate today – a DOMA is not enough,” Diane Gramley, president of the statewide organization, said in response to the news out of Iowa. 

Increasingly traditional marriage is under attack in surrounding states . . . New Jersey homosexuals are seeking to expand the civil union law to legalized same-sex marriage; New York recognizes same-sex marriages from other states and countries.  Additionally, homosexual activist groups have their eye on all of New England in their 2012 Project. 

Iowa’s Supreme Court’s decision is yet further evidence of judicial tyranny.  These justices are not just interpreting law, but rewriting that state’s marriage laws.

“Pennsylvania legislators can no longer hide behind the ‘but we have a Defense of Marriage Act’ line because that law is no longer safe.  Iowa’s Supreme Court’s activism can be replicated in Pennsylvania – all it will take is one PA Supreme Court decision to place us in the same situation as Iowa.  Today’s Iowa decision shows our concerns are valid.  Pennsylvanians need to be given the opportunity to vote on marriage,” further commented Gramley.

Especially now, the true colors of legislators will be revealed if they do not support a Marriage Protection Amendment.  It will reveal that they simply do not have the best interest of Pennsylvania and her children in mind.  Through all this great social experiment of so-called same-sex marriage, it will be the children who suffer the most.

In Gramley's world, “gay marriage” is why the Boy Scouts lost their publicly funded building in Philadelphia.  She's also sure that men “who think they are women” will lurk in restrooms and dressing rooms to traumatize innocent children.  My experience in most restrooms and dressing rooms is that children are much more fascinated by things to play with — hanger battles, repeatedly starting the automatic hand dryers and other such mischief of unruly children whose good Christian parents don't supervise find to amuse themselves. 

I also continue to marvel how Gramley can speak for Jesus, but rarely asks anyone to pray.  Isn't that their most powerful weapon? 


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