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The ER finale was pretty good. I think the opening of Dr. Carter's medical center was a bit over the top, but bringing in Mark Green's daughter was mad genius.  I also thought it was weird that Dr. Carter practiced medicine at County because I thought you need privileges and insurance to practice.  There a touching plotline that reminds us that we carry the legacy of the AIDS epidemic twenty years after the 80s and yet another example of a gay character that just blends in with the others. 

Eric McCormack talks about the impact of Will & Grace:

Q: But most people do know you from “Will and Grace”. Do you think the success of that show helped promote understanding of the gay community?

A: I don't think we saw the series as having that kind of social relevance at the time. We didn't even push the gay side of it that much in that first season thanks to some pressure from the network. I think the thing that people didn't see coming was the popularity it would have in syndication which means that 12-year-olds are watching it. That's the real effect that show is going to have. Kids are going to grow up watching a show where Jack and Will are just part of their daily lives.

Q: Were you surprised by the passage of the Proposition 8 in California, which eliminated same-sex couples' right to marry?

A: I think our kids will find the whole thing as strange and embarrassing as racism. But I think the prejudice is going away even though we're a country that twice elected somebody based on a very right wing ideal. Suddenly, we're lightening up. I think Prop 8 is the last gasp of a dying way of thinking. I do believe, without sounding too pompous, that “Will and Grace” is a part of changing it all.

Marriage news expected from an Iowa court case and a really tight vote in Vermont, anticipating a veto from the Governor.

The Lutherans are going to consider allowing local parishes to determine whether partnered gay clergy can serve their communities.  Another damn fine report from Ann Rodgers.


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