Dykes on Bikes go political

Another event from Pittsburgh's Newest queer group, the Dykes on Bikes.  This is their third benefit in less than six months.  And you thought they were just a PrideFest contingent.  Ha!  Check out this event with gay comedy, free drinks and the chance to make meaningful impact.

Oh do those Biker Dykes ever stop?  Not in April!!  The Pittsburgh Dykes on Bikes® are planning a night of laughter and seriousness with the Stonewall Democrats.  Dykes on Bikes® past fundraisers have been parties filled with wet tee shirts or butch/femme goodness; this next event will focus on supporting Pennsylvania House Bill 300 for important protections for our community.

Friday April 17th, the Pittsburgh Chapter of Dykes on Bikes® will be giving a free jello shot to people who provide a personal letter of support to their state representative for HB 300.  If you also sign up to join Steel City Stonewall Democrats, we'll give you another jello shot.  If jello shots are not the right motivation for supporting HB 300, we'll have other fun non-alcoholic consumables.  This offer is while supplies last.

If you are not sure how to find your state representative or what to say in a letter to them, the Steel City Stonewall Democrats will help you out during the evening.  We'll have pens, paper, and we'll take care of the postage also.  All are welcome to bring a letter or prepare one that night with us.

You can also find your representative at:

Letters of support for HB 300 are serious business, so to keep everyone in good spirits; Cattivo has a night of laughter planned.  The Dykes of Hazzard comedy tour will be performing their comedy, music and burlesque.  So when the fight for equality brings you down, the Dykes of Hazard will be there to pick you up.

Finally, let's not forget those DOB shooter girls will be selling the remaining jello shots for a charity of their choice.  Come on out and party with the Pittsburgh Dykes on Bikes® and support HB 300.

Where:             Cattivo
When:              Friday April 17th
Cover:              $5 for the Dykes of Hazard


I am very curious about the Dykes of Hazard comedy troupe. 

The Dykes on Bikes raised $600 for the Dyke March at their March event.  That's pretty awesome for a very grassroots event. 


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