And Allegheny County?

Hmmmm.  4 states with legalized marriage. 

Allegheny County still can't recognize that gay people suffer discrimination NOR deserve health insurance.

Remember that the next time a large company picks somewhere else for their headquarters.  Southwestern Pennsylvania is not only behind Erie and State College, but we are behind Iowa. 

Iowa.  Have you ever been to Iowa?  You might go there now.  With your family.  Because Iowa values your rights.

I'm going to save my pocket change now so I'll have a substantial donation for whomever runs against Dan “La la la, I can't hear the gay people” Onorato. 


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  • LOL @ lalala I can't hear the gay people.
    I think it was just about a year ago ( give or take a month) that the board of the Delta Foundation ( hush to the people that want to say bad things about the DF, this is not about them) had a meeting with Danny. He seemed so concerned; he even had one of his staff sit in on the meeting to take notes. OF COURSE this was all when he thought he might be Governor. His eyebrows even angled toward his nose in concern…..wonder what happened.

  • with no irony intended, if Onorato thought a meeting with rich white men was a step in the right direction, he clearly has no intention of doing anything.

  • whatever, buddy. this is about the fact that even the rich white gays can't make anything happen politically. no one bashed the DF. stop looking for reasons to whine.

  • How do you know they haven't already made a deal and aren't just waiting for the right moment for it to be announced?

  • SteelCityDyke…weren't you on the board and in that meeting?
    Congrats SteelCityDyke you have been elevated to a RICH GAY WHITE woMAN!

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