PG on HB 300

Simple fairness,” proclaim the editors of the Post-Gazette in their somewhat disappointing endorsement for the statewide bill. I expected to see a bit of a mention that this legislation does not pit gay rights versus religious rights, a very necessary caveat since the Post-Gazette's coverage of similar legislation on the County level did not really make this point clear. 

The Tribune Review has not published any LGBTQ related anything for many weeks now.  They remain mum on this matter. 

Note to the Post-Gazette:  please refer to GLAAD media resources.  This bill is not about gay and transgendered people.  It is about gay men, lesbians, bisexual men and women, and transgender (not “ed”) men and women. Queer men and women.  Kids.  Adults, etc.  I'm pretty loosey goosey with the lingo here at Lesbian Central, but I expect more from people paid to write these things.)


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  • This bill is not about gay and transgendered people, one must not forget the hets that appear to be questionable.
    I can think of one, in particular that sent my gaydar off the meter. but then met his son and wife and learned the family is active in their church, scouts and other hetero-normal activities.
    mannerisms, either fem or butch, are not necessarily an indicator of sexual orientation. as a performing magician, I can tell you that most all of what you see, is not as it appears.

  • “Note to the Post-Gazette:… …I expect more from people paid to write these things.”
    Just goest to show you can't believe everything you read in the paper…

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