Northside Car Wash to Benefit Doberman Rescue

My friend Debby is the founder of Damon’s Den Doberman Rescue, based in Brighton Heights.  She is a local dog trainer and a great person.  She’s holding an unusual, but cool fundraiser to help pay for the recuperation of a specific dog which was found abandoned in a foreclosed home (sigh!).  As you get ready for your spring car washing, keep this in mind.  The car wash recently changed hands so the sign just says Car Wash. 


> Anyone who is either local to the Bellevue/Brighton Heights/Avalon

> qarea or travels through there frequently may be interested in these.

> My friend runs the fancy car wash on Ohio River Blvd. next to Eat -n-

> Park and she has printed coupons that are good for up to a $14.00

> deluxe wash. This car wash is a hand car wash. They are great. The

> coupons are available for $12.00 and Damon's Den Doberman Rescue gets

> 1/2 the proceeds. We currently have in rescue, an 8 year old female we

> pulled from WPHS a couple of weeks ago who was abandoned in a

> foreclosed home in McDonald. A neighbor heard her and broke in and

> brought her to the WPHS. She was almost bald, she was badly in need of

> thyroid meds and good nutrition and TLC. She is doing better but we

> will need $$ to have her vetted again and make sure her meds are at

> the right dosage. If you are interested in these coupons, please email

> me at dogslife4me @ You can see Odessa (and the other dogs we have now)

 at Thanks in advance!


 I’m hoping to find a local business to help sell the tickets so Odessa can get back to full health and find a loving home. 



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