What a difference another day makes

Yesterday, we placed Buttercup at the Humane Society which is vigilant in finding suitable homes for Pit Bulls so we rested easy knowing Buttercup is in the best possible place for her.  I also spoke with a woman on the phone who told me she is a foster home for Pit Bulls with the Humane Society and might end up fostering her if no owner turns up. 

So, today, I ask you to help out the Western PA Humane Society by clicking on the link below to vote for Elsie, their ambassadorial pit bull.  If Elsie wins the most votes, the WPHS will win $5,000 toward their pit bull rescue work.  That's a very simple two minute request.  Voting is open until February 28.

If the Michael Vicks story outrages you, please vote.  If local stories of dog fighting outrage you, please vote. If you took the time to read my post yesterday about Buttercup and this one, too, please vote. If you love dogs, please vote.  If you don't love dogs, but believe that all animals deserve to be treated with decency and compassion, please vote.


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