The Big Queer Endorsement: Pittsburgh Style

I completely did not anticipate attending today's endorsement meeting of the Steel City Stonewall Democrats. I had to show my rental property and were it not for a nasty slip on the ice which gave me an excruciating headache AND nonshows, I would have missed both Luke Ravenstahl and Dan Onorato coming to speak at a gay event.

Never have I been happier for a throbbing head and being stood up than I was when I snuck into the meeting and learned this news.  I have photos.  It really happened.  They ALMOST took questions.  Luke even brought his body guard — what was he expecting?

Anyway, I grabbed a front seat, whipped out the Blackberry and documented away.  But that headache is pretty harsh now and has spread to the entire left side of my body.  So I'm going to post a few photos and leave the analysis for tomorrow.  I should be receiving the endorsements via press release by then.  I hope.

OK, I have to make a few observations.

– Rob Frank is a really cool guy.  I know everyone loves Georgia and she seems pretty nice and an ally and all that.  But something about Rob Frank really touched me.  His speech was heartfelt and he seems like he has really paid his dues to our community, plus has experience.  So regardless of the endorsement, I think you should give some attention to this candidate for City Council District 2 which includes BanksvilleChartiers CityCrafton HeightsDuquesne HeightsEast CarnegieElliottEsplenFairywood,Mount WashingtonOakwoodRidgemont, and Sheraden

– There were a lot of judicial candidates there.  So many that I cannot recall much of who said what.  I can say that we really underestimate the importance of the judiciary so I'm going to be very careful when I write that up.  But it it tough to understand it.  I personally would expect someone to prove (in 3 minutes!) that they have the necessary credentials AND that they get LGBT needs.  No one did that really well, except for the candidate who is gay.  I'm glad they are pro-choice and like kids and all that, but I want to hear them acknowledge that the family in the gallery in any of the divisions (Criminal, Civil, Family, Orphans Court and Juvenile, I think) ANY of those families could be gay and how that impacts their presence in court. 

– Ledcat has been elected to the Board of Steel City Stonewall Democrats. Huzzah for Ledcat!

More tomorrow.


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