OK, I'm really feeling lazy today and kind of pissed off.  What is it with this disconnect between a 125 turnout for Dykes on Bikes and the very short notice on important political organizing events?  Maybe someone needs to tap into more of the grassroots Miranda Vey's of Pittsburgh and see what happens.  Or invite Dykes on Bikes to join the Value All Families Coalition.  Or ask her to invite people to the training.  Or something!  How many years and years are we going to go without email being an organizing tool for our advocacy community?  It is thoroughly mind boggling.  No wonder blogs are dead and I had to rename this The Radical Vagina to get a gig with a dying local outlet of the MSM.  People love me, except those who think I intentionally undermined my queer credibility by throwing away flyers and undermined my feminist credibility by attending a wet tee shirt contest.  What if I entered a wet tee shirt contest while ripping up flyers AND sending out timely email calls to action via my Blackberry for the talent portion of the show ?  Who wouldn't pay to see that – a soggy fat chick covered in paper shreds begging people to email their Councilman?  Seriously … that's entertainment.

Anyway. Here's a piece of the landmines facing repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Makes sense to me that you need the military brass to want the gays, especially those with highly prized skills like speaking languages native to countries where we send soldiers. 

The Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society is inviting people to attend the Oscar shindig thrown by the Pittsburgh Film Office  Cost is $75 and includes all the usual hoopla.  I hear David Conrad might be there, serving foie gras pigeon style.  <gasps and ducks – unintentional pun>

March 5 is the day for the California Supreme Court to hear the Prop 8 case.  Adam will learn is he's still married.  Here's hoping he doesn't have to return the china and the gravy boats.

From Pam's House Blend, a story about teachinig tolerance in the schools.  Not.

Did anyone else see the Wrester?  My God, it was the saddest movie I've been to in years.  It felt so lonely.




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