Press release from the American Family Association regarding an upcoming episode of their series “Speechless:  Silencing the Christians.”  Apparently, this is the week to take on the homos. 

> Local network television stations will soon begin airing a new television
> special produced by the American Family Association.
> Most Americas get their information about the homosexual movement from the
> secular news media and Hollywood, which not only support but promote the
> agenda.  What people know is tainted by pro-homosexual propaganda.
> AFA now presents this one-hour special to reveal the truth about the
> homosexual agenda and its impact on the family, the nation, and religious
> freedom.
> “Speechless” – the title of the television special – will air in the
> Pittsburg area Wednesday, February 11.  You can watch it locally at 9 p.m.
> on WPCB, channel 40.
> The TV Special will reveal the truth about:
> The claim that homosexuals are born that way and cannot change.
> The negative impact on children resulting from schools promoting the gay
> lifestyle,
> Protected minority status for homosexuals.
> Same-sex marriage, and
> Legislative initiatives like Hate Crime and the Employment
> Non-Discrimination Act.
> And, it will:
> Attack the major lies of militant gay activists head-on.
> Alert viewers about what's at stake for the family if they get what they
> want.
> Present helpful information to stop the radical homosexual political
>  Visit our website to learn more about the entire series of “Speechless:
> Silencing the Christians.”
> Thank you for caring enough to get involved. If you feel our efforts are
> worthy of support, would you consider making a small tax-deductible
> contribution to help us continue?
> Sincerely,
> Tim Wildmon, President
> American Family Association

It will air on Channel 40, WPCB also known as Cornerstone Television.  I checked their schedule and here it is.  The whole “Christians are being silenced” perspective is utterly ridiculous and part of this false pitting of gay rights against freedom of religion.  Ridiculous.  Christians are not being silenced to any further degree than any other American citizen. 

I say the best response is for all you Christian identifying homosexuals out there to follow the call of Reverend Janet Edwards and reclaim your churches. 

I wonder if I count as a militant gay activist?  Cause that would make my day.


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