Our O. Henry Valentine’s Day

Maybe it is a stretch, but when we exchanged valentine's gifts we discovered that our mutual fondness for K.S. Kennedy Floral had led to an awesome moment …. Ledcat bought me flowers and I bought her fancy vase filled with candy.  She didn't cut off her hair and I didn't sell my watch or die of pneumonia from painting, but it was like a non-tragic O. Henry story of our very own. 

And Kerry was like the puppet master who knew the whole story … ha ha.

Actually, our holiday was low key which is always nice.  We went out to lunch at the Union Grill in Oakland and then for our traditional Valentine's walk through Phipp's Conservatory. They have a lovely exhibit about the Amazon Headwaters which was very interesting. Ledcat thought they needed some wildlife to make it more interactive. I always enjoy the bonsai.  Plus, the other tourists are always good for some entertainment.  It can be a little frustrating when people are oblivious to the crowd backed up on the narrow path behind them while they take 72 pictures of one particular view, but it wasn't so bad yesterday. 

Last night, we stayed in and tried to watch “Margot at the Wedding” which was just awful.  I refused to be that depressed so I turned it off and we read instead.  Oh, we did have cupcakes from Giant Eagle decorated with pink sprinkles.  That was festive! 

I think the best part of Valentine's Day is that we have a ritual we've kept for three years. Our Christmas rituals were shot to hell this year by unforeseen circumstance, but since Vday involves no one else we seem to be doing okay.  The flowers are pretty and the candy is tasty, but the walk through Phipp's together is where the real romance happens.  🙂 

Hope you had a lovely day, too. 



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