Onorato Hosts 2nd Town Hall Meeting; Lesbian Waits for Answer From First Meeting

Remember back when Dan Onorato got up early on morning to hold a pretend town hall meeting with questions submitted in advance by County residents?  I sent one in and it went unanswered.

On January 15, 2009, Megan Dardanell responded assuring me that I would get an answer in “the coming days.”

Let's see … it has been nearly 30 days and no response.

He's holding another meeting this week.  I emailed again. 

Do you think Dan Onorato has any actual concern for what the LGBTQ community thinks?  Really?


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  • Megan didn't send you a response? That's unfortunate. At the first cyberhall my question also went unselected (though Cara basically asked the same one and got an answer), but after receiving the same e-mail notification from Megan I *did* get a fairly personalized response in about a week.
    I can't see why Dan wouldn't want to stake out a position on the civil rights ordinance — espeically in light of the fact that he's running for the Democratic nomination to something.

  • Nope, no follow up response. Just that original email. If Dan isn't going to commit to domestic partner benefits, he isn't going to commit to the ordinance. Hiding behind the budget argument is ridiculous.
    Has anyone else who submitted a question on any gay issue received a personal response from the Onorato folks?

  • Sue,
    I never got a response either except for the original “thanks for the question” e-mail. Here is the question I sent.

    County Executive Onorato,
    County council member Amanda Green is sponsoring county council ordinance 4201-08 which would provide for a countywide non-discrimination policy prohibiting discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in employment, housing and public accommodations. Do you support this legislation
    and will you sign and enact it if passed by the council?

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