Lynn Cullen is Back on the Air!

Uncomfirmed sources report that Lynn Cullen will be back on Pittsburgh's airwaves, beginning on Monday, March 9, 2009 during the 5-7 drivetime slot.  The station is WAMO  AM 860 right before the hugely popular Bev Smith Show.

WAMO management is expected to make a public statement on Monday.

Great news, kids.  Great news. 


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    Top News Story…
    Thank GOD! Thank BeJesus! Lynn Freaking Cullen is back on the air! Hooray! Sadly, there are only four neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area who will be able to receive the signal and actually hear her program, but I digress… Good for Lynn! I heard that she had to use some of her own money to pay for the air time. Granted, I heard that from Phineas (the shark) but he’s met Lynn. They hooked up in a bar bathroom once! I’m pretty confident that he’s right. I find it really amusing that the Gay Community is rejoicing Lynn’s return to the airwaves. You know? Mostly because Lynn doesn’t agree with Gay Marriage. True story. She said it. On stage. In Novemeber. In front of witnesses. Whatever… Why would gay people care about gay marriage? I’m also surprised because Lynn Cullen uses the word, “dyke” very loosely. She claims that it’s okay for her to do it because she’s “the original fag hag” (her words, not mine). So yeah. That’s fun. Oh, and the other reason I’m confused as to why the gay community cares so much about Lynn’s return to the airwaves is because Lynn Cullen NEVER had a regular gay correspondent (like some other Talk Show Hosts I know…), Lynn Cullen NEVER went out of her way to get someone hired to her station who was queer or queer-ish (like some other Talk Show Hosts I know…) and Lynn Cullen (in her own words) is furious when identified as being gay. “It’s dykes like you who make people think I’m lesbian!”(she said that to a colleague in front of several other colleagues backstage at a performance).
    So… Well done Gay Community! You have an ally and advocate back on the air! Bravo!

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