Ellen and Portia to have child?

We are going to try and break some new ground in the coming weeks. 

The fascinating world of celebrity reproduction:

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres and partner Portia de Rossi will undergo fertility treatment to start their own family, according to tabloid reports.

The TV personality wed actress de Rossi last year, and the couple is allegedly keen to settle down and have kids.

DeGeneres recently revealed they were looking to step away from the spotlight and live the quiet life on a farm, once her U.S. talk show contract ends in 2010.

Too bad they aren't planning to adopt.  I'll go ahead and say it … undergoing IVF 10 times is pretty selfish. Ah well …


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  • Uh oh! It seems weird that you are suddenly writing about Portia and Ellen. Are you being ironic? Are you really this disillusioned?

  • If this isn't a cry for help, my dear … Ellen is a cover girl for heaven's sake. Maybe you need a nice vacation (not in Harrisburg) with fruity drinks and little umbrellas. Non-alcoholic, of course. Hang tough. Don't let the bastards keep you down. Too many people read this little blog for you to succumb to the petty bickering. You are an opinion leader -that's a hoot! It is probably true, but it sounds hysterical. Blog about Ellen if you need to do so, but we are here waiting for the real stuff when you come back to it.

  • Ha ha ha, PF. A fruity drink with a little umbrella might not be a bad idea. Maybe I should get an “Opinion Leader's Don't Succumb” tee shirt. Thanks for commenting.

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