Yes, There’s More on the Big Queer Rally

Can you believe that “Big Queer Rally” wasn't an overwhelming hit as the official title for Saturday's rally?  I think it is pretty catchy myself.  It certainly has been drawing in the visitors using various fundie, wingnut search tems.

Anyway, we had a meeting tonight.  Here's the latest scoop.

City Council President Doug Shields is on the agenda.  I have him lined up to knock the message out of the house.

There will be several opportunities for you to get involved right there, including signing petitions and contacting your County Councilpersons RIGHT THERE about this upcoming vote on January 15, 2009.  So bring your cell phones, PDAs and Blackberries. 

There may be free coffee.  Courtesy of Starbucks.  It is what they do.   Because they care.  If you want to donate something free for 300+ people, bring it on.

Big Queer Emcee, Gab Bonesso, is prepping some good stuff for you.  She plopped herself down at the meeting and demanded a “warming tent” (which she got) so you know this woman is ready to kick some ass for gay equality.  Be prepared to be amused.  And pissed off. Apparently, she's bringing a shark and a 90 year old imaginary British woman as props.  Only at a Big Queer Rally does that seem entirely appropriate.  Almost necessary.

The best thing about tonight?  These seemingly random people came to the meeting to help.  Because they care.  They are angry and they care enough to do something about it.  I've been blabbering on about them all night long. People care. 

If you'd like to do a little something extra, show up at 1 PM to volunteer.  We need folks to handle the advocacy table, make sure the guest speakers get to where they need to be and be a time keeper. Someone has to watch the coffee table.  There's stuff to handout and directions to the bathroom that need to be circulated.  Someone has to guard the warming tent.  You don't have to talk or know anything about politics or be part of any formal group to join this impact, baby.  Just care.  Bring your anger and yourself down to Schenley Plaza on Saturday. 


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  • Sue's right. We need an angry mob. That's the way to get things done. Calm, rational, thoughtful debate has no place here. So, come on! Let's get angry. Get the pitchforks. Grab the torches. It worked in the movie Frankenstein and the lynchings in the Old South (aah, the days of the angry lynch mob, how I yearn for that bygone era). So, come on baby. Let's put together the biggest angry mob we can. Stoke up that emotion. Let it out. Kill, kill, kill!

  • The rally takes place in the grassy knoll in between the Carnegie Library and the Hillman Library in Oakland. Same place as last time.

  • Please give us a list of the last calm, rational, thoughtful debates you attended. In the gay community.
    Maybe you are talking about the debate where the Mayor calmly said he opposed civil unions on public television.
    I think a rally with a shark and an imaginary friend sounds rather whimsical. Fun. Even gay.

  • Thanks. This sounds cool. I like all the email updates because it feels like there is breaking news. So, thanks. People are paying attention and that is what makes a difference.
    And the shark does seem like a very gay touch. Very nice idea.

  • It is really nice to come here and read all these good things about stuff happening in our community. I even like the far out comments because it is just good to see people getting all upset about something. Everyone is so focused on their own lives they forget that there's a whole world of people hating us out there. So sorry Sue, but hate it is. I can't believe how much energy is here. Rock on, Pittsburgh. This is the way to bring it. Show them how normal we are cause we got smart folks, idiots, haters, lovers, hard workers, showoffs, jagoffs and that guy from California with the blog name I can't remember. You all make sense to me people. See you on Saturday!

  • You know what. It's not hate, as you say. It's just that I don't like you. You don't seem to be a very nice individual. I like, even sleep with, gay people. It's just that I don't like you. You're an asshole. You do nothing to help the community (if I mis-speak, please correct me); you just complain and do nothing to change things. Please help me understand what you're doing to actually accomplish change (and don't tell me “I'm blogging to that helps” or that “I'm stirring up activism so that helps.”) What I'm really saying is what are you doing that changes the heteros in charge with the money in such a way that they will throw some influence our way (and if you say that you shouldn't focus on the money, then you're naive as to make you inconsequential). So, what are you going to do?

  • Well, you are just wrong about Sue. She is an opinionated person who sticks her nose into places other people want her to ignore, including places that aren't exactly glowing examples of the peace, love and unity we want to portray to the community. She's like the over the top flamboyant queen of Pittsburgh's gay media. Everyone wants her at the party but complains if she draws too much attention to our community.
    But she's a VERY nice person. She is a social worker and does a lot for people who aren't in the gay community. Do you read the letters to the editor section? She practices what she preaches and writes in about poverty and injustice for gay people and straight people. She tries to drum up business and support for local gay businesses. She wants to hold every meeting in the world at the lesbian cafe on the Northside to give them business to the point that it is pretty well known in our human services world. She promotes artists like Gab Bonesso and Eve Goodman. Go read those reviews. She put an ad to A Pleasant Present on her site just to be supportive. It is not a paid ad. She tries to find homes for pets and adopted a bunch herself. These are just some of the ways she has used this blog to make a positive impact on the community.
    She's an interesting person who reads books and promotes the library. She is a real live person and she gives rides to people b/c of some promise she made her Dad when she turned 16. That's sweet. She's a sweet person and a nice person. She stands up for people when others turn their backs. Go read the posts abotu Jessie Seams. People sent her hate mail and she refused to back down because 1) Jessie was a friend and 2) she believed in the cause and asked a lot of tough questions of herself about the issues of trans inclusion in the community. People actually stopped talking to her about that.
    As for influencing straight people, do you read other blogs? The biggest politicial blogs in town read this one and quote it when something pops up. She got a whole bunch of straight bloggers to do a Day for Marriage Equality to help fight against the marriage amendment. So, yes, she does reach a lot of straight people through her networks. The City Paper considers her a reliable source. So does Out. Even the Post-Gazette calls her for comments. And you can bet that the politicians read her blog too because they need to know what is being said about them in her posts and in the comments. You can't argue that she speaks for the whole community because she leaves up all of the comments, even the ones that attack her. So anyone who reads this blog can see that people disagree with her on a lot of things. That is called populism and even when I have told her to take them down, she refuses because she knows she is just one person with an opinion.
    This blog is just one side of my friend Sue. I read it because she puts together smart, funny and informative posts about our community, but I know the real person. Maybe you wouldn't like her in real life, but who cares? You don't have to. She has a lot of friends, gay and straight. She doesn't need you to like her. And to correct your impression she has donen a lot in real life. She has volunteered and done a lot of moving of tables and chairs in her time. She worked with GLENDA in her job to promote good interactions between gay people and foster care. She challenged John McIntire for christs sake and ended up going on the radio to talk about all sorts of issues for thousands of straight people to hear.
    You don't know these things because you don't know Sue in person. Yes, she has her faults and flaws. Mostly, she can be exasperating when she is a true believer. But her friends in real life — did you know she has friends from when she was 8 and even 4 years old — know her as a caring, kind woman who would walk to the ends of the earth for them. We know she will drop everything if we need help with our sisters addiction problems or need someone to hold our hands when we are afraid.
    If you knew her Anonymous you would know the challenges and struggles she has had. You would know that she is definitely not some privileged child who went to private school and grew up in a cushy environment. She has had a lot of setbacks and made mistakes and struggled just like everyone else. She deserves to spend her free time now doing fun things.
    But she blogs. She blogs because she is a nice, caring person who has seen that this does matter and it does help, even if it sometimes makes her cry. It makes me really angry when she cries to me because I know she brings it on herself and that she's going to get right back in there and keep pushing this damn community no matter what because she is, at heart, a true believer.
    She believes in you, Anonymous. She tries to make the world better for a bunch of faceless, anonymous people that she's never met even when they are ridiculously mean to her and don't stand up for her and probably don't deserve her.
    So from a friend of Sue because she won't say it. Fuck you for your petty small-minded attacks. Fuck you for not standing up WITH her when you agree with her, but jumping all over her when you don't. Fuck you for not having the common sense to read even the last few posts and realizing what she's been doing for this damn rally. Fuck you for attacking MY FRIEND.
    She thinks you have a right to criticize her and I'm sure all the nastiness will continue long after my comment rolls away to a backpage somewhere. But to everyone out there who feels like Sue is trying to be some sort of friend and advocate for them, you are right. She tries. She may not always succeed, but you hang tough because she sure is.
    Anonymous you can bet that I am going to stop rolling my eyes and start saying some things. You and your buddies don't get to attack my friend. You can attack her opinions and you can chose not to like her, but you can't get away with attacking her for not being a nice person. That is a line buddy and you just stepped all over it.

  • You know what's wrong with Sue? She's crazy. She gets ideas in her head and just can't let them go. If she thinks it rocks, it rocks. Does she tell everyone you meet with her about the Cambodian place on the Southside? Yes. Does she constantly tell people about the lesbian coffeeshop? She even was raving about it to another coffee shop owner who was clearly not pleased. Does she drive all over the freaking place to give people rides? Yes. Does she always write up how funny Gab Bonesso's shows are no matter how many times she goes? Yes. Does she talk on and on and on about the GLCC and how important it is? Yes. Does she spend money in gay owned businesses and harasss me to death to do the same thing? Yes.
    Do any of those people ever take two minutes to post a comment sayiing “thanks”? No. Well, Gab does. Gab stood up for Sue so maybe I'll try not to let that train of crazy bother me so much. LOL.
    Does she obsess about strange things? Yes. She does. And sometimes that bleeds onto this blog. But she pays for it, so who cares? Don't read it. Read something else. Write your own blog.
    But one crazy lesbian has managed to shake a few trees so you people go nuts, too. I'll take a crazy lesbian over a mean-spirited one any day of the week. God Bless her and her crazy little heart.

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