Saddlebacking defined and more …

Courtesy of After 8 Pgh comes word that Dan Savage finally announces the definition of Saddlebacking.  Hilarious.  Savage's explanation here.

Courtesy of PageOneQ comes word that schools might be able to kick out students (CHILDREN) who seem gay.  Should be some comfort to Diane Gramley.  Also a wake up call to those who don't associated youth gay issues with grown up gay issues. 

Courtesy of our living room, Coco has decided upon a new perch … Laura's placemat.  She has allowed all of the critters to sniff her and no fights have erupted.

Maria from 2 Political Junkies has some ..ahem .. strong words on the Democratic cave in on contraception.  Contraception for poor women, mind you. 

Facebook went down for like five minutes and my entire world stopped.  I need to really not have any more snow days this year.  However, it is now back up. 

I do not like this style of blogging.

Did anyone else see Katie Couric's special edition of her news show?  Did anyone else wonder why?  I mean it didn't bump anything I really wanted to see, but the Eye on America story about the overly optimistic survivor of the Hudson Plane landing was just sort of random weirdness.  I kind of expect that someone who survived a plane crash would be thankful and so forth.  It wasn't really very interesting and definitely not news.  In fact, it just came off as a cynical set up for the much ballyhooed 60 Minutes interview Katie landed.  Irony, anyone?

I'm off to read my book on Descartes.  He's dead at this point and his bones are being hauled all over Europe.  Someone stole his skull.  It is sort of like a History of Philosophy merged with The Da Vinci code dipped in more than I ever wanted to know about Queen Christina of Stockholm.  But in a good way.



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  • “I do not like this style of blogging.” — ha! Hysterical. Hey, that books sounds like just my kind of thing. Maybe I can haz borrow…?

  • Sorry, it is a library book. Click on my Goodreads icon to the right and under Lily Tomlin to get the book details.

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