I don't have much time to blog today.  It was hard to find time to watch the inauguration and there's always work and laundry.  More is happening with the Club Pittsburgh criminal investigation and new toxicology findings. Find that at KDKA Investigations. We are waiting for some more details to come out before commenting any further. I must say, however, that I hope the spotlight continues to shine on the issue of criminal wrongdoing in the death of Mr. Pettway AND the “pay to play” shenanigans that might have derailed the governmental failsafes that are supposed to prevent people from dying at health clubs.  My personal opinion is that the Mayor's people got involved because of campaign contributions and if it turns out they turned a blind eye to potentially lethal activities, they have the death of this man on their conscience.  It would be no different if, as someone commented, a gay restauranteur made sizable donations to Dan Onorato, called in a favor to cut out the middle man on a health inspection citation and then Mr. Pettway died of food poisoning in that restaurant.  In either case, Mr. Pettway should have expected that the government safeguards are in place to protect him.  That's Government 101.  The government let him down by not following through on the site inspection.  Would a thorough scrutiny of Club Pittsburgh have ended the alleged sale of huffing materials?  I guess we'll have to see.  The point is that equality means we have to play fair, too.  We can't cry foul and play the gay card to ward off investigations into our community businesses. 

Thanks to Maria for this fun suggestion.


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  • Thanks for reminding us that with civil rights come civil responsibilities. That would include running legal, safe businesses and following the rules when it comes to compliance with local laws and ordinances. We want Allegheny County business owners to play fair when hiring gay people or renting to gay people. Our own businesses have to play fair, too. Equality is not a half-step.
    I saw the piece of KDKA last night and my stomach sank. Even if these businessmen were not engaged in illegal activities at their club, it is very discouraging that they used political play to avoid the building inspection. It just reinforces that there's something sordid and naughty about gay sex.

  • It sounded like that when he invited Gene Robinson to pray at his party on Sunday and look what happened. I'm tired of sound bytes. That is how the gay mafia get their grubby little paws sunk deep into the likes of Ravenstahls and Onoratos. Anyone can look good on paper, even a Mayor that opposes civil unions, accepts payoffs from sex club owners and then starts a little committee to take advice from the community. Pffff that.
    Get back to me in a few months when we see some action instead of finger pointing. Obama completely blew it with the HBO broadcast on Sunday.

  • Bram,
    I read it. I think Obama fumbled his attempt to build a bridge to the gay community this past weekend so it is unfair to expect me to throw a ticker tape parade over what amounts to a press release. I'll withhold my opinion until I see some outcomes.

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