Democratic, Republican and Senate Leaders Remain Silent in the Face of Anti-Gay Rhetoric

I am disappointed.  It has been more than 72 hours since John Eichelberger of the Pennsylvania State Senate uttered his hateful comment that he is “allowing” gay persons to exist. 

Everyone knows. This hits to my blog post and the one at 2 Political Junkies are filled with visitors from all sorts of chambers and governmental offices.  It is no secret at all. 

But … apparently, only the bloggers care enough to notice.  Not a word from the MSM (surprise!).  KDKA would have David Highfield living in a newsvan if someone made these comments about Pennsylvania's Jewish population so he could capture every nuance and garner opinions from yinzers all over the place. 

One State Senator told me he is passing along the request for an apology, but that's the only response I've had and frankly, he wasn't optimistic anything would come of it.

Not a word from Daylin Leach's camp in spite of all the hailing of him as our great defender in the Senate.  Senator Leach should note that if we have to qualify for existence, marriage is pretty much not gonna happen.  I guess there would be no need for gay divorce as you could just deem someone nonexistant and head your own way, no harm no foul. 

No word from Dan Frankel, Dan Onorato, Jim Burn with the Allegheny County Democratic Committee.  No word from any member of City Council.  Rich Fitzgerald has yet to speak out.  Where's Senator Costa and Logan?  Lots of gay votes in both districts, but should that even matter.  What are Jim Roddy and the Republican Committee of Allegheny County? 

I am hoppin' mad that somone thinks he gets to decide if I exist (especially when I wouldn't get that same right about my own fetus), but I am really getting angry that no one seems to think this is a problem.

Take heed.  This is how society has been brainwashed into accepting our status as second class citizens. 

Well, here's my response.  July 1 is the vote to determine if we have any “existence” in Allegheny County.  If the ordinance does not pass, be downtown at 8 AM in front of the County Building.  With your signs.  Look for tweets that night, but spread the word now.  July 2 at 8 AM.  People need to be there.  Stop at Starbucks.  Pay the damn parking fee.  Just be there.  

I guess if we don't exist, we can't snarl traffic on Grant Street can we? 


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