Burghosphere no longer on the “Cutting Edge” ?

My name is Sue Kerr and I plan to keep on blogging.  I know, I know.  This comes as a great shock and will undoubtably send tidal waves plowing through the Burghosphere.  Epic poems will be composed by the likes of Tony Norman, Sally Kalson and Mike Seate.  Mighty political entities will tremble in their offices at the implications that an average of 100 people a day, mostly bloggers, will read my opinion on their doings. They will continue to ignore my requests for comment. The continuation of the blogosphere as we know it bodes well for Pittsburgh.   People with hip monikers like David, Maria, Bram, and Christopher (and Potter) will get their own tee shirt lines and maybe some stickers, too.  Gatherings of powerful bloggers in the secret recesses of Finnegan's Wake will plan conquests and strategize the takeover of the MSM. 

And some day, the Cutting Edge will remember that a lack of pseudonyms does not make for a lack of interesting and relevant local blogging.


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  • “Gatherings of powerful bloggers in the secret recesses of Finnegan's Wake will plan conquests and strategize the takeover of the MSM.”
    >>> Am I part of the MSM or not? I can't tell, and it sounds like I'll need to line up on one side of the ramparts or the other pretty soon..

  • My dear Sue,
    It does appear as if Tony Norman (last week) only reads national blogs which seems out of character for someone who seems to actually appreciate Pittsburgh. I thought , too, the whole point was to excerpt Pittsburgh's Cutting Edge, not merely to remind us that the blogosphere is the Cutting Edge. That's the reason people aren't reading newspapers, sir Victor, and why so many of your colleagues are losing their jobs. The local ladies and gentlemen are the ones putting links back to your newspaper. You would do justice and honor to your profession if you showed the same curiosity for Pittsburgh's blogs.
    Someone in the blogosphere might want to introduce Sir Tony to some of the flavorful local blogs. His attempt at the Cutting Edge reminds me of my friends who only read the New York Times because they can't be bothered with local papers.

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