Allegheny! Excerpts! Gastgeb leaves.

Patricia Weaver

Pa family institute.



Religious schools might not be able to discominate.

Photographers might not be able to discriminate.

Physicians might not be able to discriminate.

Catholics might not be able to discriminate.

Also, I'm now going to mischaracterize the law and break the 9th commandment.

<Diane Gramley and Tony Perkins kin.  Which one is the 9th commandment? Oh, the one about bearing false witness. Nice.>

Robert Gagnon, Ph.D


Ditto previous speaker.

Also, I usually wear my wedding ring on a chain around my neck. I just put it on my finger.

<I think that is Adam speaking on the last sentence.  What does wearing a ring around your neck have to do with anything?>

Oh, here's something from Vince Gastgeb who hasn't apparently read the ordinance.

Vince Gasteb

Holding cards close to hand. Says he is glad for a dialogue. Expects it to continue.

Then he left.

Fitzgerald just said that at start 13 were preset.

<I presume Adam means 13 council members were present>

Adam is taking a break here. 

He's back.

Beth Matway

Straight mother of two.


Both are gay.

This ordinances good for my family. We count as a family too.

Compares this to integrating high school in 60s in Arkansas.

What will we say to our grandchildren?

<There are a lot of straight people speaking.  This is awesome.>

Ellen Parkhurst

Wearing an Obama t-shirt.

Makes a steelers joke.

Student wanting a reason to stay.

<At 8:16 PM, here are the Council members still present>

Present on council.






Five.  Five people are there to listen to the testimony of 80 people.  Sad reflection on the value the other members have for public participation in the political process.  I mean, if Gary was able to determine that 80 were speaking AND it really is a precedent, they couldn't juggle their schedules?  Seriously?



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