Allegheny County Council: More Excerpts

La'Tasha Mayes

Black struggle is like gay struggle. Mlk is a natural ally.

With new voices of Pittsburgh. Women of color for repoductive justice.

Homophobia is like sexism or racism.

Thanks amanda green.

<La'Tasha was a speaker at the rally this past Saturday.>

Alan Wakefield

Always with the religious.

Do people actually expect laws to be written based on the bible? They apparently do. And they are taken seriously! This shot apparently works!

We will answer to god for what we do.

<I think he's an ally.  I can just hear someone shaking their fist and saying with great irony “Always with the religious.”>

Judi Diven, MD

Am psych assoc Pitt & pa psych assoc


Was offended by previous speaker who was just making things up about gays and mental illness.

<Oh yes, this was bound to come up.  I wonder if anyone it citing the make believe sources Diane Gramley uses for her expert testimony?>

Here's an update on the scene from Adam when I asked how Council was responding.

They've been pretty silent and contemplative.

Started with 11 in attendance. Most of those not here were opposed.

Matt drozd was here bit left early.

Jan Rea is listening intently.

Amanda Green is lovely.

Vince Gastgeb is also intent.

Fitzgerald has been a polite gracious moderator.

Saw doug shields at intermission. He apparently spoke before I got here.

Several people left for some other meeting.

Interesting.  I understand that the Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) is meeting tonight, too.  Perhaps that's drawing some of the social justice folk.  Maybe Bram knows if there are any other meetings. 


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  • Only other thing I know that's on the agenda this evening is a candidate forum in Mt. Washington. All the same I saw Georgia Blotzer in the room for the early shift.
    I was there for the first hour or so, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's still going on. I was a little surprised at how equal the “teams” seemed to be; maybe the pro-civil rights crowd was at a 2/3 advantage, but no more than that.
    I got to talk to Councilman / ACDC chair Jim Burn for a few seconds beforehand. He said that he does suspect that some of the council members who withdrew their sponsorship of the bill are still intending to vote yes. I don't think you guys had as much to worry about as all that, but it was pretty awesome how the withdrawn sponsorships resulted in this massive public backlash.

  • I learned all about SSAD (Same Sex Attraction Disorder) for the first time. Fortunately, the MD who explained it says it's treatable and preventable.
    There was a very moving speech by someone who is 'gender ambiguous'. She had so much trouble getting a job and then was fired when her boss found out “what” she was. Very moving.

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