Allegheny County: Another report

According to Gary Van Horn, the speakers number as follows.

49 for the ordinance

14 against.

Hmmm.  So 63 speakers out of 80 showed up. Bram thinks the attendance was split 2/3 for and 1/3 against. 

Anyone else want to weigh in?


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  • Our side kicked their a**es so thoroughly that I was almost embarrassed for the dissenters . An amazing effort from everyone who helped to coordinate and from people who just heard about it and showed up. The opposition came in early and in very tight groups (did not want to get 'gay' on them…they may catch it). The Pro-Ord groups just kept streaming in and streaming in. At one point, they had to stop bringing folks in because there were literally people standing on window ledges just get get a view. They had to ask speakers to leave when they were finished so that they could bring others in…mostly our crew. After a while things opened up and there was room for just about everyone to sit.
    I made 200 stickers for the event and I have fewer than 40 left.

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