Alleg Co Hearing: More Updates

Over 80 speakers are lined up.  Adam and I are doing our best.  Well, I have the easy part.

Peter Harvey, Fair Housing Partnership

Fair housing partnership

In favor of fair housing 😉

Talking about race, and how there are still problems.

Loads of housing discrimination still.

Including gays. Landlord “we don't rent to fags.”. And nothing could be done.

In favor of “committed local body. “

Anne Haggedis

Was born with ambiguous gender. Tells story of life of discrimination.

Fired from job because of this.

Reverend Carl Templen

Retired minister.

Opposed. Unnecessary. No “epidemic of discrimination”.

But is offensive to religion. And discriminates against religion.

Says would be unprecidented in a city with an identical law.

Caroline Sporanza

Half of her bridal party were gay.

Gay civil rights are important.

She says we're all keen. Discrimination against us is “wrong”.

Talks about quality of relationships of her friends.

Important economic issue.

Jeanne Clark

Today is mlk birthday. Latest battle in the drive to form a more perfect uinion.

Maps to sufferage of women. Civil rights for blacks.

Compares those opposed to George Wallace.

Today you have a choice. Show courage and be jfk, or be George Wallace.

Jonathon Robison

Yields time to councilwoman denise Edwards

Smaller city. Willinsburg. <perhaps Wilkinsburg?>

8-0 her council endorsed this ordinance.

Passionately for the measure.



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