Alleg Co Hearing: Further Updates

Reverend Janet Edwards

Vote for the ordinance

Am a christian. Greives that most of her peers oppose.

1. You're allowed to be angry, but you're not allowed to hurt. And gay people are hurt. They need protection. And anyway, religions are protected. So everyone claiming that it would make religions have to hire gay people are bearing false witness.

2. Presbies advocate for this legislation.

3. Voters support it.

Miranda Vey


Works here, but does not live here.

Joined a large CPA firm in county . Was discrimination against during transition.

So moved to pgh and took lower paying job. . Moved from county to city because of law.

Was successful in her new job, and helped make a new multimillion $ company.

Karen Shaheen

Asking for all of this means we're being heterophobic.

We can't do this because we might want to protect incest and beastality.

Boxturtle Karen!

20 years ago who would have though we would do this. Except city did it 20 years ago!

Kevin Acklin

Catholics for the ordinance!

Applauds green.

Former candidate for county council. Would have voted yes if he won.

Good speaker.

Today is council's chance to lead.

Life protect and strengthen us all.

Nikki Kemp

Western pa planned parenthood.


Is a moral issue for her.

Stand up from fairness.

Karen Mesko

Was fired. Is ex-military. Discharged due to dadt.

Lived in dread until it happened.

Says gay is hard cause of forced closet.

Jim Ludwig

Thanks speekers. Especially last one.

Is a florist. Says is fair to gays.

But against law. Wants to have right to discriminate. Flat out! But not always, just sometimes!

Susan Broughton

League of women voters

League is in support.

Gay rights are natural evolution of feminism.

For shame that the 4 dropped support.

Pass it at earliest opportunity.

Aliya Paulding

Lifelong resident.

In favor.

Is young lesbian. Her partner has health insurance. But was afraid to add her partner, because didn't want to come out.

Thanks the speakers as well.

<Insert comment by Councilman Burns>

Councilmember James Burn, jr

Advice to emailers.

Personalize text! Got a lot of form emails. Is not as effective.

Susan Whitewood

Wife and 2 kids. Christian.

Cofounder of Pittsburgh glbt corporate round table

Says corporate environment is very gay friendly. (not so good for helping sell this bill)

Says local govt should catch up to corp America.

Says would help attract talented people to area.

Emilia Lombardi

Asst prof at Pitt.

Was turned away by a gym.

Says Pitt does not discriminate.

Discrimination is cause of health disparities for glbt

Ericka Fricke


Is for measure. Has value in serving people of disparate backgrounds.


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