Allegheny Council Members Withdraw Sponsorship of Anti-Discrimination Legislation

I received word that three members of Allegheny County Council have withdrawn their support of the legislation that would extend anti-discrimination protections on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender presentation.

You can bet the rightwing and the AFA of PA are getting people to make calls and had something to do with this change in support of the legislation.

If you, your parents, siblings, friends or family live in these neighborhoods, please take a moment to send an email or pick up the phone and urge these three individuals to vote in favor of this legislation.  Remind them that is it not fair or just for someone to lose their job or be denied a place to live because they are gay.  It really is that simple and it shouldn't be controversial. Be polite and ask them to vote for the legislation. 

If you need any motivation to make the call, check out what the AFA of PA is saying about all of this …they are spreading lies and misinformation about the impact of this legislation.  Go read the distortions for yourself.

More on this later after I attend the Steel City meeting this afternoon. 

Matt Drozd, District 1, Contact E-Mail(412) 350-6525

District 1 includes:

1Ben Avon
1Ben Avon Heights
1West View


Michael Finnerty, District 4, Contact E-Mail(412) 350-6540

District 4 includes:  

4McKees Rocks
4North Fayette
4Pennsbury Village
4Rosslyn Farms


James Ellenbogen, District 12, Contact E-Mail(412) 350-6580

District 12 includes:

12Green Tree
12Pittsburgh – 19th Ward (Beechview, Mt. Washington, parts of Brookline, Duquesne Heights
12Pittsburgh – 20th Ward (Banksville, Ridgemont, Elliot)
12Pittsburgh – 28th Ward (Crafton Heights, Westwood, East Carnegie, Windgay and Fairywood)
12Pittsburgh – 29th Ward (Carrick)
12Pittsburgh – 30th Ward (Knoxville)
12Pittsburgh – 32nd Ward


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  • I hate those email messages telling me to find my representative. I like this table option much better because now I can figure out who else I know that lives in these districts. Thanks for making some things simple so we can fight the hate. This legislation is about keeping people employed, safely housed and able to spend their hard earned money in the same places as the rest of us. How is that anything but American values at their best, especially in this economy?
    Diane Gramley can keep her values in her little community of beleivers with no interference from the Government. She just doesn't get to force ME to follow them, too. My son deserves to be treated the same as hers, regardless of whom he dates.
    You can bet these guys will be hearing from me and my husband.

  • Hey if you come here from PageOneQ, check this out
    Rock on Pittsburgh Lesbians. This is an outstanding example of why local political blogging is so important in the gay community. We need foot soldiers to keep waving your arms and reminding us what is happening in individual towns and states. And we need bloggers like Mike and Pam to keep us connected to what you are doing. Keep it up!

  • What is the deal with these right wing crazies? Is it not bad enough we have a right wing Mayor in Democratic clothing? Maybe he rolled them in to town so he doesn't have to do anything when it comes to the City County merger about gay issues. He can just blame “crazy” Diane and the Councilmen who caved.
    Everyone who loves the Mayor should just bow down to the Nazi Pope.

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