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I chatted briefly with folks from Steel City Stonewall about the pub crawl.  They were hot in the middle of phonebanking, but took a moment to chat with me.  Apparently, it went well and Dan Onorato went to all of the bars where he did receive a cool reception from some of the owners who bear a grudge about the drink tax.  Good for him.  I'm not sure Dan will turn out any queer voters, but his participation does signify a slight shift to the left perhaps as he contemplates statewide office.  In the short term, it may bode well for domestic partner benefits and the proposed county-wide anti-discrimination legislation. 

Sounds like the event met expectations so that's a good thing.  I'm still waiting for the LGBT coffeehouse crawl.

I received my PG in the hate-wrapper.  I almost forgot about it after putting it into the dog poop bag bin.  Poor PG – they have forever lost my sympathy on trying to generate revenue for the print edition.  I want the paper to survive, but I'm just disappointed at this decision.  On a bright note, my post about this very topic was promoted to the main page at Pam's House Blend.  So that's cool.

The chief bishop of the Episcopal Church came to Pittsburgh to preach about forgiveness and love and blah, blah, blah. I am really tired of this story.  They came,  they hated and they ran away with the church property.  Its great that she cares about the foolish parishioners who joined the Union of the Southern Cone or whatever passes for a ridiculous diocesan name these days.   She was quoted as forgiving a lot of people, but nothing concrete on asking homosexual Episcopals for their forgiveness as they have sort of been the “flashpoint” of the whole thing.  Sigh. 

On with the day …


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