Sunday Stuff

The PG runs an interesting piece from the Washington Post on the taboo of homosexuality in India.  Apparently, in spite of the slight liberalizing impact of the new economy, the fact that being gay is illegal causes for a thriving subculture in blackmail.  Nice.

The editors ran one photo with a three sentence caption to describe yesterdays protest.  You cannot access it online.  The Tribune Review has nothing.

We missed the news, but I don't see anything up on KDKA.  WTAE ran this piece.  I saw their team arrive early when the crowd was small.  I'm sure they had other news to cover, but it is a shame they didn't capture the large crowd streaming across the lawn and onto the sidewalks. 

On a personal note, last week a friend emailed me about using my name in a blog post about marriage. Not wanting to make assumptions about my relationship, he opted not to invoke my name.  I appreciate that, but I have been meaning all week to email him and clarify.  True, the decision of Ledcat and I about our relationship is private and it is not fair or reasonable to assume all LGBTQ couples want to get married.  But it is fair to use my name to say that I believe that we should have that option.  It should be our decision, not a decision made to placate people who feel we are going to destroy the fabric of their faith community. 

Wanda Sykes came out during yesterday's protests.  Courtesy of Queerty.  Ledcat and I enjoy the lightheated gay marriage storyline on “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”  I wasn't surprised by this “revelation” having seen Wanda chat about gay issues with Ellen a few months ago. 



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