Moon Area Schools approva GSA; Dont’ Forget Today’s Protest

From the PG comes word that Moon Area Schools have approved the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance among another new officially sanctioned clubs. 

The approvals were unanimous on all of the groups except the new one, which was opposed by director Mark Limbruner.

“I voted no to the Gay-Straight Alliance because the club will be dealing with sensitive issues that are more appropriately handled by family members or our in-school counselors,” Mr. Limbruner said, explaining his vote.

The club's purpose, as described by the district, is to “provide a forum for students of various sexual orientations to meet, discuss and address issues affecting them and their friends.”

Amanda Hartle, the district's public relations officer, said the Gay-Straight Alliance was chartered as a club this year. She said its formation passed through all of the district's approval channels to become a recognized district organization.

She said the club will hold its first meeting this month, so it's not known how many students in grades 9-12 will participate. It's expected to include students of all sexual orientations — not just gay or lesbian but also straight, she said.

No word on how Mr. Limbruner voted on the Youth for Christ club, or if he thought religion is an issue that should be handled by families. 

Good for Moon.  Good for the students who get to the club going and more power to 'em. 

Don't forget today's rally at 1:30 in Oakland.  Hope to see you there.


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