Electile Dysfunction: Wagner and Peduto?

Due to my radiator malfunction in Uptown during the afternoon, I was unable to attend the Electile Dysfunction event last night.  Missing Lynn Cullen was a definite downer.  Spending hundreds for the repair is another.  Sigh.  I keep repeating that I got luck enough to be able to pull into a parking space before the last of the fluid leaked from my car AND that my engine doesn't need to be replaced.  Right? 

Someone please book Lynn Cullen somewhere so I can get a little jolt.  You would not believe how much email I get asking for her email address.  It is cullenshow@yahoo.com, by the way. 

I'm in the process of wrapping up my tenure with my current employer and switching gears from the child welfare system to the adult MH system.  Just learning the acronyms is a challenge.  But I'm excited about moving from a literal closet office to one with a giant window.  Sunshine! 

I'm disappointed that Bill Peduto and Chelsa Wagner have still not identified the charity to benefit from tonight's Halloween party.  I'm a little more disappointed that they seem to be affronted that I would ask questions of them about a political event (we all know it is a political event).  I asked some folks in the know, including someone connected to another state level official, and it does seem that there is an “understanding” that we who identify as liberal/progressive are supposed to sort of grant more wiggle-room (for lack of a better term) to our progressives allies whom we've elected when they are doing the political/pre-campaign thing.  I violated a taboo when I shared my opinion with the 57 people who read this blog, most of whom are other bloggers and already knew.  Gosh.

I think failing to name the charity is a mistake in general and that's more from my social work/NPO perspective. But I'm much more concerned that Chelsa Wagner's team (the campaign team, the office staff, the behind the scenes supporters who are putting this shindig together) are completely ignoring my concerns about her lack of presence in Manchester.  It doesn't make sense that you could consider a run for Mayor when you haven't been tending to your current duties in a City neighborhood. 

The response from her supporters in the blog comments has been rather vile, but privately people keep asking me if I'd vote for Chelsa over Luke, even given this lack of attention to my community.  That's a ridiculous question at this point.  I mean Manchester has been pretty much ignored by the City anyway, so does it really matter on that point?  Well, Tonya Payne is at least putting in some effort to change that.  And BBI told me they are coming out in November to do a sweep of Manchester and clean up tons of vacant lots.  That's going to generate a feel-good buzz which will last until the weeds and vines really take hold in mid-summer.  Someone commented about that and I agree its a possibility. 

I just think as a resident that it is offensive that our State Representative would lend her political cred to OTHER neighborhoods in the Northside when she hasn't been doing a satisfactory job in our neighborhood.  And then complain to another blogger about “no good deed going unpunished” while her alleged supporters are personally attacking me and her other constituents.

Who exactly is being punished here?  Read the comments again.

I was planning to attend the party, but now I am carless and have several other invites that Ledcat prefers to attend.  So I don't know.  Clearly, if Bill and Chelsa aren't going to even reach out via private email or phone call in response to the racism and homophobia running through this discussion, then it doesn't seem worth my while to even bother.  Clearly, dissent is not a viable tactic in this dialogue.


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  • Sue,
    I got word that the Urban Impact network was going to be the charity at about 3:00 on Thursday the 30th; I updated my blog post at that time. Later that day I remember you e-mailed me about it, and I believe I emailed you back that Urban Impact was the one. Am I mistaken?
    As to the vile blog comments — if by “vile” you meant the ones with very ugly language, I don't see anything in them that would suggest they might be Chelsa supporters. I see nothing in them that says other than that they are A) politically aware and B) hateful. Are you seeing something I'm not seeing?
    I'm not setting out here to carry water for anyone, but I'm growing a little mystified by your perspective on much of this. The Manchester thing, as I told you, is the Manchester thing.

  • Bram,
    Do you really think it would be okay for me that Bill and Chelsa didn't have someone from their teams send me the same email you received about the Urban Impact Project? Really? I contacted them a week before you and they both told me they would get back to me. Until they didn't. So I blogged little follow up. What's wrong with that? You aren't their water boy and it wasn't your responsibility to follow up with me.
    Remember, I say “alleged” supporters because I have no way to confirm that fact AND I do clearly state that I don't think Chelsa shares those perspectives. But its really sad that one little blog post about a Halloween party brought that out. I don't usually get that kind of stuff on my blog. Except about very small stuff which is a very odd phenomonon. I personally Chelsa could go a long way into mitigating that kind of crap by being more interactive and inclusive of her Manchester residents.
    What you told me is your perspective — two separate issues. Perhaps mine has not been clearly communicated, but it is still valid to see the issues as intertwined. You don't live in the Wagner district and I do. Different points of views AND different experiences of the team. You approached this as a blogger and I approached this as a constituent who blogs.
    We can agree to disagree. There's nothing more to this story, after all. The event is over and the consequences, small as they may be, are set in motion.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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