A little election fatigue

I feel a bit fatigued, to be honest with you.  Obviously, I'm tired of the ads and the 27 minutes of media coverage during a 30 minute program.  But I'm also getting tired of my political friends.  I get at least a dozen Facebook invitations to rally after get out the vote campaign after fundraiser.  And dozens of similar email messages. 

All with this fervent undertone of urgency that implies I am somehow lacking if I am not 100% on board.  That the fate of the world as we know it rests in my hands.

Well, back in 2004, I did volunteer for the Kerry campaign. I was sent to HQ downtown and forced to make phone calls to other volunteers asking them to come in to make phone calls to other volunteers. It was the most ridiculous waste of time.  I never went back.  I did volunteer on election day, but was treated like a moron by Kerry's guy on the ground so never went back to that, either.  I mean I'll do the drudgery work, but I've got a dozen other very worthy causes that need my time and energy, too so please don't waste my time making me feel important.  Just give me a real job.  It can be boring.  Just real.

This year, a popular tactic seems to be making fun of Western PA's fondness for yard signs.  That's not elitist at all.  People even have it as their Facebook icon.  Get over yourself.  We like signs.  So what?

Today someone explained the situation with the local elections.  It sound serious, but very convoluted.  Why isn't anyone taking the time to break down this important information instead of just wasting our time?  Stop shoving clipboards in my hands to ask for my email address.  Give me good information and ask me how I can help. 

If the Pennsylvania House and Senate seats are in jeopardy, why did only one State legislator turn out for a recent Gay Dems event?  Or why didn't he bring it up?  The only State Legislator that asked for my help is a Republican woman who reached out to me.  My own rep's staff is taking days to answer a simple question about a fundraiser.  There's a disconnect there.

Frankly, I'm tired.  It is never enough.  I'm working OT to convince some borderline voters on the presidential campaign.  I'm deleting email messages to events I can't afford.  I'm trying to process new information that just makes me feel panicky, not informed.  And I'm hoping to avoid charges that I don't appreciate the volunteer hours other politicos are putting in.  All of which is just bullshit.  All of it.

I appreciate your hard work.  But you are alienating me when you hit me with all of these intense demands for my time, money and attention.  What I'd like to have is information.  I'd be happy to talk with my neighbors about our state elections. But I need something to say.  Stop mocking me and start educating me. 



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