3 down, 47 to go … eh, maybe 46 and a half

By now, you've probably read that gay marriage is legal in Connecticut.  Technically, the Supreme Court overturned a gay marriage ban.  This has been in my inbox for several days as I've pondered what I could possibly add to the debate. I'm part of a national LGBT blogging email list and my inbox has probably 700 messages on this topic.  From people who pretty much agree on the topic. 

It is a big year for gay marriage.  A tough year.  California legalized it, but is facing the mother of all battles over a ballot initiative to de-gay the constitution.  Arizona, the only state to successfully beat down such an amendment at the polls, is facing it once again.  Florida also has it at the ballot box.  Most of the monies are flowing into California on the conventional wisdom that defeating the proposition keeps marriage legal which is a step ahead of paving the way to legalize gay marriage.  And some people really are stupid enough to vote against the Prop (the good vote) because Brad Pitt donated money (to the good side). 

I had lunch with Tony Norman yesterday (name drop!) and he is of the opinion that the imminent election of Barack Obama will signify a culture shift of epic proportions in American society.  Apparently, Tony opines, the homos will be along for the ride as we chatted about passing an inclusive ENDA and eliminating Don't Ask, Don't Tell. 

What comes to mind when I think about the opportunity to marry Ledcat is purely financial and legal.  I've never even entertained the romantic and symbolic aspects. I watch my parents age with very little of a safety net and wonder how our interdependence will play itself out without even that safety net (Social Security survivor benefits, etc).  We are secure with health insurance right now, but one small change in our employment situation could negate that security.  It is a little scary.  But then again marriage didn't do my grandmother too good … after grandpap died, she garned a $78 monthly pension and no health insurance.  Plus, the realization that she had been merrily charging (and paying) for years solely on his credit so she had none.  Scary.

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Legalized gay marriage isn't on the radar for Pennsylvania and that's fine with me.  We have enough attention on this issue as the fracture point for the entire Western Kingdom of the Episcopal Church. I'm sure I'll be following how the divorce settlement turns into an ugly example of why “marriage” isn't such a holy union in all cases.

Pam's House Blend does a wonderful summary is you are interested in what the national LGBT groups are saying about this court decision (and the wingnuts, too).



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