Shut Up and Vote Syndrome

I watched her speech last night and was proud that she was my candidate for President.  She did a great job lifting up Barack as her candidate, calling for unity and reminding her supporters why they got into her campaign in the first place.  I thought her speechwriters masterfully celebrated her accomplishments while folding them into the accomplishments of the Party.  There was defnitely a baton pass here.

What's yet to be seen if the bashers of Hillary-supporter can channel some of their sexist tirade energy into electing our candidate (yes, I know it is Obama) instead of smacking down Americans who haven't been convinced.  I'm so sick of putting all the blame at the feet of women who helped put 18,000 cracks into a glass ceiling.  I'm sick of the “shut up and vote” syndrome.  There are thousands of voters who aren't fond of Obama for reasons other than Hillary — why won't you go convince them for awhile? 



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  • I heard a lady from the 39th PA District who is running against Rep David Levdansky.Her name was Monica Douglas,she sounded pretty sincere and we need to get that creep Dave Levdansky out of office.Check her out at Monica

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