Photos of PennDOT lot in Manchester after being “cleaned up”

I walked over to take some photos of the sand pile that was dumped by a company known as MAC (acronym? full name?  who knows!).  It gave me a chance to see what PennDOT and their subcontractors from the recent jobs on Chateau Street in Manchester and the West End Circle left behind for the residents of Manchester who come near this property.  Of which there more than a few children as this is, sadly, a playground. 

Take a look:

Is it just me or do you see the humor in the juxtaposition of this sign with a bucket of asphalt?

This is the leftover asphalt no one bothered to clean up. 


Here's a close up on the bucket from above.  Looks like wholesome goodness, no?

This is the sand which was dumped on the property today by a company that has the acronym MAC.  It is probably the least dangerous thing in the entire field.  Well, assuming it wasn't dug up from some toxic playground.

This is funny.  No one offered me $500 when I tried to report illegal dumping.  Either time.  Hey.  I should get $500 for that last time in 2006. 

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This is why I don't let up on PennDOT.  This is the “screen” provided by the weeds and grass that the state doesn't mow.  It is perfect cover for the dumpers.  The only reason I saw the dumping was because I was standing up on my deck.  I repeat my mantra:  If PennDOT kept the property maintained, like a responsible property owner should do, the dumping would be minimal. 

Here's an assortment of goodies, some left by the road crews and some by unknown entities.  This is what will someday remain of our civilization. 

Classy.  If they would put a Port-a-John on the bike path, it would serve humanity.  But in the middle of this field for weeks after the road work ends ??? Eewww. 

The irony just continues.  This is a hole in the road along Faulsey Way.  This is where PennDOT employees parked their personal vehicles and, occasionally, the big machines they used to rip up Chateau Street.  Now there's a hole in the road.  About 150 yards from the pile of leftover asphalt.  A hole that my City tax dollars will eventually repair.  Ha!

Click on my photos link under PennDOT to see the rest of the shots.  Will anything be done?  Does anyone care?  Should I crouch in the field at 9:15 AM tomorrow, digital camera in hand? 

Yes, someone cares. I care.  It is disgraceful that PennDOT is such a bad neighbor to this community.  Just cut the grass.  Come look at the sand pile and make MAC (whoever that is) clean it up.  Then keep the grass cut. 

Sheesh.  I may have to call the hokey-pokey crew or whatever that new post-modern Redd Up group is called.  But I pay my state taxes.  Use those dollars.  God knows, there are plenty of places Pgh can use the ones I give to them. 


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