My Facebook “Friends” Continue to Dump Me Over My Logo

Wow.  I was just browsing through some of the people I've added as “friends” on Facebook and noticed a few names missing.  Turns out, they don't like the fact that I use my logo for this blog as my image on Facebook.  So they quietly dump me.  At least my sister-in-law (the one in Chicago, not the one here) told me she was going to un-friend me.  I suppose that's better.

It amazes me that people can freak out over the word “lesbian” because there's nothing controversial about the image itself, right?  The women's profiles aren't kissing or engaged in illicit activities.  It is the word itself that carries all the power.

Amazing.  Well, it probably isn't that amazing.  Most of these folks are alumni from my catholic-affiliated college, Marymount University.  That's where the college professor who mentored me for dozens of years stopped talking to me when he discovered I am a lesbian.   Also with no warning or explanation.  Some Christian values, huh? 

What really gets me is that most of these folks post pictures of their children on their Facebook and other webpages.  Everyone thinks that is cute.  Especially this guy.

Henry Kendall didn't victimize the girl physically.

Though he had photographs of the 14-year-old in bondage, with male genitalia featured, Mr. Kendall never touched her.

Instead, he took pictures of her from a computer and used software to morph regular photos into child pornography.

Yesterday, he was sentenced to two years in prison for violating federal obscenity law, which prohibits possessing visual images of the sexual abuse of children.

I'm guessing that sort of sick puppy stuff goes on all of the time.  Ledcat and I have a solemn pact to not post pics of our assorted nephews and nieces anywhere b/c I shudder to think that someone could morph an innocent photo into porn.  And I've attended enough Internet safety trainings to realize that it takes a few clicks for a predator to track down that child (especially with the genius' that post their home address on Facebook). 

I suppose I could chance my profile pic, but me and my 150+ remaining friends are doing just fine with the way it is.  I've connected with friends stretching back to elementary school, college roomies, kids from the neighborhood, extended kin, and all sorts of people from my grownup life. I enjoy Facebook.  And I feel sorry for people who are would so tightly that they cannot handle the word “lesbian.”



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  • You know, that's funny (well, not actually) you should mention that. On some downtime at work (i.e. lunch) I was showing a friend some good blogs and I clicked on the link to yours from 2pjs and the damn computer blocked me. You know why? THE WORD “LESBIAN.”
    I just shook my frickin' head.

  • Yes, it is blocked at my work as “adult content.” Meanwhile, Maria uses much more foul language than me. Ha. Every single LGBT site is blocked. I can get them opened if I prove a good work related reason, but no such reason exists for this site. Ah well …

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