Is all this dumping a big anti-gay conspiracy?

I could not friggin believe my eyes when we returned home today and found ANOTHER pile in the field.  This time it was gravel. 

I have several possibilities rolling around in my head.

1.  PennDOT has authorized a subcontractor to store materials on the property, but won't admit it.  It isn't consistent with the gentleman at their press office telling me to report the dumping to 911, unless they are certain that once again the police would not issue a citation.  If PennDOT knows the materials will be gone soon, they may just be foisting me off so they don't have to be acknowledge their disregard for our community (and our tax dollars).

2.  A contractor is using the property without permission and knows PennDOT won't do anything about it.  Or, more importantly, that the materials will all be gone by the time they get around to forcing them to clean it up.  And, apparently, they are aware that the City doesn't impose fines.

3.  Someone is simply dumping excess materials in the lot.  Because they can. 

The key seems to be that the City's lack of enforcement of dumping laws (and fines) creates a general FU sensibility among those who would use City neighborhoods as their trash heap. 

If the City doesn't care enough to enforce the law and PennDOT doesn't care enough to take preventative action …what's your average inner-city lesbian to do?


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