Farewell Party for Lynn Cullen

Just got word that friends and advertisers and listeners alike are gathering at the WPTT studio this coming Friday at 11:45 AM to give Lynn Cullen a fitting farewell.  Everyone is invited to attend, but please email me to let me know if you plan to show up so they can plan for numbers — I'll pass the info along to the organizers. 

The studio is at 900 Parrish Street in Green Tree.  It is not really a secret, but try not to bring it up if you have an email exchange with Lynn. 

I think an all-financial talk radio station is just about the silliest idea since the man-station format.  I've listened to some of the business chat and it can be interesting, but 24/7?  Geez  There's pretty much no topic I want to listen to for 24 hours a day.  I think Lynn is a great product and I'm hopeful some other station will pick up on that.  The problem at WPTT in my experience is a dismal sales team.  When I was trying to help get John McIntire on the air, I would send leads that were never followed up on.  Maybe those newly unemployed sales people can listen to their former station and get some tips on gumption. 

Anyway, please blog about this  — I think we can all count Lynn's lone voice as an inspiration to go the mile where the MSM fears to tread, regardless of your political affiliation.  And bloggers who can turn out, please do.


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