Happy Anniversary to Ledcat and Sue

Friday marks five years for us.  Celebrate with us!

Anniversaries can be tricky when you are in a relationship that has no legal status.  There's the day we met, our first date, our first kiss, the day we became exclusive, the day we moved in together, or even the day we had our domestic partnership officially registered with the City to tap into those benefits.  Soon, we'll have the day we become part of the Citywide Domestic Partner Registry. 

Lots of days to pick from.  All of them important in their own way, but none of which has any social recognition anywhere near the degree that heterosexual marriages receive.  No one in our mutual families can name our anniversary and none of them have ever asked, even as we've participated in celebrating theirs.  No cards or gifts or registries.  No vowel renewals.  Just the occasional question if we plan to go to California and the odd reference to events that took place before we coupled.  That's it. 

I'm spending our anniversary at Kennywood.  We'll have some fries and some funnel cake, then hold hands in the scary rides.  Our real celebration will come with a fall trip to Cleveland.  Ledcat gets to tour the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  I get cable for three whole days.  And room service. 

Five years of happiness and love.  No acknowledgement needed.


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  • Congratulations! I rarely get to say this to my gay friends. (and you are my friends -just from reading this blog). I read your blog regularly from the distant Newell, WV and have had you inspire me many times. As a gay man with a lesbian daughter, you help me in ways you don't know to connect with her.

  • Where is Newell? Ledcat once lived in Morgantown. That's not so far. Thanks for the congrats. We celebrated at Kennywood with ice cream. Well, frozen yogurt after I had a meltdown over the line for real ice cream. It was a long day. I was cranky.

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