A Really Cool Thing at The Quiet Storm

So tonight I scheduled a business meeting at The Quiet Storm who have been really nice to my work avatar — donating to our foster parent dinner, handling our meetings, etc.  So I brought three new people in for dinner and two were very excited — had always wanted to try it and never made the opportunity.  Meal was delish as per usual. I  had a zucchini burger.  And ginger lemonade which was really good. 

Anyway, today was just a so so day.  Very hectic pace and lots of distractions so I didn't have any sense of accomplishment, more just the feeling of passing time.  The meeting was productive and my mind was spinning as I headed for the register, trying both to discern how to get the project moving to the next step AND how I was going to walk out with the 20 or so copies of City Papers sitting in the rack without looking like a dork. 

While my head is processing all of this fabulous data, the nicest thing of the entire day happened to me.  A woman came up and told me she liked this blog.  We had met before through my work, even though I'm not sure she believed that I remembered her.  Even though I couldn't recall her name, I did recall her because she has the loveliest voice and she was really nice during our project.  People really undervalue the impression that being nice can leave on others.

Sure, it is nice when someone tells me they read this blog.  Of course, it is nice.  But it is nicer that someone would interrupt their dinner — and their personal time with their friends or family — to say hello.  It makes it personal and that's pretty cool. 

Bruce Kraus may not return my call.  Pah. It matters more that someone makes an effort to make a small personal connection. 

Thanks, A.  Bumping into you really ended my day on a positive note. 

Other stuff you should know …

A new study finds that openly gay military men and women don't undermine morale. 

Jesse Helms died.  His granddaughter is still in office and still a closeted lesbian pandering to the Helms' legacy. 

Straight people are defending themselves from anti-reggae bigotry with a big splashy parade. 

Ledcat and I have signed the boys up for an outdoor obedience class.  This should be fun.  We are going to learn to avoid distractions.  I could use that skill.  I'm going to walk in a 5K.  I ran in a 5K in 1992.  No one believes me, but I have the shirt to prove it. 


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