Breaking News: Shields and Kraus Propose City Domestic Partner Registry

Update:  The Pittsburgh City Paper's Melissa Meinzer and Chris Potter do a really good job with this story on the CP's website.  Good example of how web based media serves the CP readership.  And you. 

I contacted Shields' office and encountered a reluctance to work with a blogger which was disappointing as I worked very hard to get his letter to Sally Kern picked up by gay media around the country.  Ah well …


City Council President Doug Shields and City Councilperson Bruce Kraus are proposing the development of City domestic registry for unmarried couples which would formalize the process for determining eligibility of City employees for domestic partnership benefits AND provide private employers with a similar resource.  According to the Post-Gazette, the registry will also recognize familial relationships defined by mutual support.

I'm waiting for a comment from Council President Shields.  I'm also poking around to see what impact this has had in other communities, including Philadelphia. 

The PG story is here. 

Ledcat and I already have an affidavit of our domestic partnership.  It was a pain to get it and put us through more far more hoops than is reasonable.  How many heterosexual married couples have to get both names on utility bills — do you know how complicated that is? 

This is an interesting step forward.  I'm curious as to how the Mayor rules on this and hopeful this will force the issue of addressing domestic partnership benefits in a potential City-County merger.

Stay tuned …


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  • This is a step in the right direction. While mostly symbolic, it does send a message. It won't have any ramifications statewide, though. But it will signify to the country that Pittsburgh is a good city for us to live and that we do have some power in city government. But we still need recognition on a national level to be able to access all the laws, rights and responibilities that apply to everyone else (ie Social Security is a big one for me).

  • Congradulations and a big Thank You goes to Loni McCartney. It goes to show you that one lesbian can make a difference in this city. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  • Sorry about the call/ I didn't know you had. Be happy to discuss with you.
    Will call ya back Thursday.
    Doug Shields

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