Way to Go Queers: PA Senate Tables Amendment Legislation

I saw it first at Delaware Online followed by the Post-Gazette.

HARRISBURG — The state Senate this evening voted to table a bill that would have amended the state constitution to ban gay marriage.

The main sponsor, Sen. Michael Brubaker, R-Lancaster, said it had become clear to him that the bill would not pass in the House and he therefore saw no point to a lengthy debate in the Senate.

The bill might have passed the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans 29-21.

Up to 14 amendments were planned on the bill, which would have meant a long night.

So what does this mean?  Essentially, the bill has been put on ice, but it still has a heart beat and could come back.  We can't forget that even as we rejoice.

What does that mean?  YOU FREAKIN' DID IT!  The Bill was expected to pass the Senate today and head for the House to be killed.  But you you you beautiful homo lovin' telephone workin' fabulous folks made a difference.

Nice job, kids. 

Clearly, there is work to be done.  Now we have to turn our attention to HB1400 which will expand civil protections to our community.  Instead of fighting against, we are on the fighting for team and we have multiple champions, including the Pittsburgh City Council.

Luke Ravenstahl is not one of those champions on this issue.  He has declined to support the legislation. 

I'm just sayin…


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