The Vault: Thy Status is Questioned

Wow … rumors abound on the recent closure of The Vault.  I've had word from “the investors” claiming they closed for a few days because the staff resigned and new staff must be found. 

Will The Vault reopen or is this sort of like The Vault-lite with whipped cream and everything?  Will the lesbian friendly man-vibe continue?  Will they serve saran wrapped sandwiches? 

To be continued …


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  • I was in Aldo in the South Hills on Sunday, and they had a sign up that they'll be taking over management of The Vault soon. Just fyi…

  • The sign you're referring to is for a one-night-only guest barista appearance by Brad and Drew at Aldo on Fri nite 5/30. They'll be working behind the bar at Aldo that night.
    The sign in no way indicates anything about “taking over management” of the Vault. Can't even imagine how one would even get that impression.

  • Sorry about the misinformation. I asked the friend that I was with, and she said the sign actually said something like “The Vault is taking over” or some such. I misread/misunderstood it when I was distracted by the lovely latte art in my foam.

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