So, Monday is the Big Gay Rally and You Can’t Get to Harrisburg?

UPDATE:  I made a call this morning to Fontana's office in Harrisburg.  They are getting a ton of calls, going both directions.  Similar reports from Costa's Harrisburg office.  Keep it up.  Sneak out for a cigarette break, even if you don't smoke, to make the call. I also heard that the rally is noisy.  All good news.  Keep it up.  You are doing great


Rejoice, fair homo and homo allies, for there is something very important you can do right from the comfort of your own cell phone.

Call your Senator.  Tell the nice staff person who answer the phone that you are opposed to attempts to amend the constitution of Pennsylvania to prevent gay marriage aka SB 1250.  That's all you really need to say, along with your name and address (so they know you are really a constituent).

If you want to say more, do so.  Ask how the Senator stands on this issue (if you don't know).  Thank the Senator for a pro-homo stance.  Tell them why you are opposed to the amendment. Talk about your family.  Mention the issues that are important to you — health care?  employment?  economic development?  taxes?  whatever!

For my impassioned take on things, visit my Blog for Equality post.

The important thing is that you are reaching for your cell phone right now, scribbling down the number and heading for whatever quiet nook is necessary for you to make the call. 

Why now?  Why Monday?  Because the bill is going to be voted out of Appropriations and possibly to the full Senate for a vote.  This week.  So waiting until it is more convenient for your individual life is not an option. 

This isn't a situation where you — especially if you are a gay person or love a gay person — have the luxury of letting someone else do the heavy lifting.  A contingent of Pittsburghers gave up a day to staff the rally for us.  The telephone calls, well that's our part of the homosexual agenda.  Step lively, people. Or, rather, dial lively! 

You know that this amendment is smoke screen designed to keep us from organizing around important civil rights legislation sitting in committee.  You know that this is about using gay marriage as an issue for the election — rile 'em up to vote for McCain. 

And you know that is all complete bullshit. The worst thing that could happen to our heterosexual married friends, family members and neighbors if Ledcat and I were to marry?  The wedding registry.  We have expensive tastes.


Why are you still reading this?  Oh, you need telephone numbers.  Here's the entire fleet of Southwestern PA Senators.  If you don't know who represents you, click here to find out. 

Jay Costa   Hburg  (717) 787-7683   Pittsburgh   (412) 241-6690
Sean Logan   Hburg (717) 787-5580    Pittsburgh  (412) 664-5200
Wayne Fontana Hburg (717) 787-5300   Pittsburgh (412) 344-2551
John Pippy  Hburg (717) 787-5839   Pittsburgh  (412) 262-2260
Jim Ferlo Hburg (717) 787-6123    Pittsburgh  (412) 621-3006
Jane Orie Hburg (717) 787-6538   Pittsburgh (412) 630-9466 j
J. Barry Stout  Hburg (717) 787-1463   Pittsburgh (724) 225-5400 b
Gerald Lavelle Hburg (717) 787-3076   Pittsburgh   (724) 654-1444
Mary Jo White Hburg (717) 787-9684   Pittsburgh  (814) 432-4345
Donald C.White Hburg (717) 787-8724   Pittsburgh  (724) 357-0151
Robert D. Robbins Hburg (717) 787-1322   Pittsburgh (724) 588-1323
Bob Regola Hburg (717) 787-6063    Pittsburgh   (724) 600-7002
Richard Kasunic Hburg (717) 787-7175   Pittsburgh (724) 626-1611

Now stop reading and start calling.  It is practically painless. 



Seriously, are you dialing? 


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  • Today was the first time I have ever really felt the need to contact my local/state elected official. I must say, I was left feeling dejected. I called Senator Pippy's office, and when the line picked up I could hear faint laughter on the other end, and I was greeted with a jovial tone. I politely, as suggested above, stated my name, that I was a constituent of Mr. Pippy, and that I was in opposition to bill 1250. At which point, the “nice staff person” told me, in a clipped and cold response, that: “The Senator believes a marriage is between a man and a woman and fully supports the bill.” She then asked, or more demanded, my name and address, which I gave again, before I could add anything in addition to support my opposition. I was then told that the message would we forwarded and “nice staff person” terminated the call with out another breath.
    I now find myself writing letters to both his Harrisburg office and the closest local location.
    I want to thank you Sue, for the hard work you have been doing and for waking up the political activist in me that should have been awoken long ago.

  • Sorry re: bad experience. Staff can be so rude and Pippy is an established homophobe.
    I'm unsurprised by his vote but I was surprised today because I did not have a bad experience when I called his office.
    I called his Harrisburg office, asked to speak to the staff person assigned to SB1250. The female who answered the phone asked if “I was calling to give my opinion? Was I calling to state my opposition to SB1250?” She defaulted immediately to “opposed” (she was polite) I hoped this meant that they were swamped with opposition calls and it would impact Pippy.
    Well well, me and my imagination.
    I could not go to HBurg today but I will make an appointment to talk with Pippy here in Sewickley.

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