SB1250 – What’s Next?

The legislation passed in the Appropriations Committee 18 – 8.  Four Democrats voted yes.  Two Republicans voted no.  So now the legislation moves toward a vote by the full Senate. 

Yes, that means more telephone calls. 

The “yes” votes (pro-Amendment) in SW PA are:

John Pippy (R)

Barry Stout (D)  – Yikes!

Mary Jo White (R)

Regola (R)

The “no” votes (anti-Amendment) is SW PA are:

Gerald Lavelle (D)

Sean Logan (D)

So here is what you need to do.  If you live in Lavelle (most of Beaver County) or Logan (Monroeville and some of the Mon Valley) country, please call them to say thanks and ask them to continue to oppose the legislation. 

The big thing for me is Barry Stout — a Democrat — voting in favor of legislation that would constrict the civil rights of my community.  Your job is to think of at least one person you know that lives in his district and pick up the phone to call THAT PERSON to make a call to Senator Stout telling them they do not appreciate his vote on this issue and that not everyone in Washington, Greene or Beaver counties are bigots. 

Does your sister live in Mon City?  Is your cousin from West Finley Township?  I know there are gay people in Waynesburg.  This is the time.  Call 'em up.  Ask them who is taking care of their health care, their jobs and their taxes while Senator Stout protects them from gay marriage? 

Stout's telephone numbers:  (724) 225-5400    and   (717) 787-1463

And kudos to reader ctb for calling out John Pippy on the issue.  Is it deplorable that his staff would treat you with such disrespect just because your opinions differs from him.  He still works for you (and by default, so do they).  Good for you for not backing down.  Sending the letters is perfect.  You deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy when you call someone elected to represent you.  Good for you.

So get on the phone.  Here's a handy map for Senate contact information.  Lots and lots of gay people come rolling into town from these areas.  Hey, isn't Patrick Arena from Little Washington?  Someone call him.  Get some names from him.   Isn't Eda Bagel from Little Washington? 

I know some women from Beaver County read this blog.  We need your help! 


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  • Dont forget Jane Orie–she, no doubt, voted aye. here's her D.O. addy: 9400 McKnight Road
    LaCasa Blanca Building, Suite 105
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
    (412) 630-9466
    Capital office info: (717) 787-6538
    Senate Box 203040
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-3040
    She's always fun to talk to….or not… feel free to call and bug her–she calls me and bugs me all the time during voting season.

  • Correction to last comment***eep looked at the wrong roll call vote–Orie was not in this committee so she did not vote****

  • This thing is being fast tracked. SB1250 is up for General Senate vote today Tues May 6, according to Pippy's HBurg office.

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