Gab Bonesso is My Friend and Man, Is She a Funny Woman

The Correspondents love Gab.  She's funny and smart and plays a mean game of Trouble. 


Anyhoo, Gab has gathered up the four funny women in Pittsburgh for what promises to be a very cool show on Saturday, May 31, 2008.  This is my favorite kind of show.  Women. Non-smoking.  Saturday night.  And $10 tickets. 

You should come out and support the funny.  Here's the word from Gab:

 I am writing to you today to plug my upcoming FEMALE only comedy show at Slapsticks Comedy Loft on May 31st, at 8PM. Yes that's right, ONLY comedians with vaginas will be performing. This never happens in Pittsburgh. This is a great chance for you to not only support the local comedy scene (shout out to Ms. Mon for stopping by the Obey House last night for some local comedy), but also to support the women's comedy scene (which sadly is very small). Veteran comics Nance Marshall and Sally Chopping are on the bill, as well as newcomer Subhah Agwarl. Tickets cost $10. The room is non-smoking and there is NOT a two drink minimum. If you want to buy tickets in advance, you can email me: and I can arrange to sell them to you. Otherwise, you can buy them at the door. (If you opt for the buying them at the door approach, please mention my name because I will get paid more money.) Slapsticks is located at 2660 Library Road (RT. 88). For more information you can call: 412.920.JOKE. 

I am feeling benevolent today because my good friends at Hoi Polloi special cooked me an egg burrito even though it is past breakfast.  I found someone to paint the inside of my house.  I'm not having luck finding someone to rent it yet, but that will come. 

So rock on, Gab.  You are trouble, but in a popping bubble kind of way.


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