City-County Merger: Here’s The Homosexual Agenda

Simply put, we cannot support this merger until we have two guarantees.

First, we must have the County pass legislation ensuring our civil rights are preserved.  Right now, those of us who live or work in the City are assured protections based on our sexual orientation and gender identity.  At the Big Gay Chat last spring, sponsored by the ACDC, County Council President Rich Fitzgerald admitted that passing this type of legislation would be an uphill battle. 

Second, we must insist that the County provide domestic partnership benefits for all employees.  Onorato hides behind claims that it is a budget issue.  That's ridiculous.  If all the gay and unmarried heterosexual employees quit tomorrow and they were replaced by happily married heterosexuals, the budget would somehow accommodate their families.  WHY IS MY FAMILY DIFFERENT?  I can say this based on the fact that Ledcat works for the City so this will directly impact moi!

So, here's where our champions suit up and make sure that Pittsburgh's gay residents are not kicked to the curb.  I understand that Luke is having a big gay luncheon at Images in the next few weeks. I'm hopeful Gary and company educate him about the importance of these two issues.  It is important that we use whatever access we have to make sure Luke is aware of how this very significant legislation will impact us.

How come I never get invited to important gay luncheons?  I eat lunch.  I know my silverware. 

Let's not forget Dan.  Or our County Council reps.  Oh, in my case, that's NOT Brenda Frazier so I'm basically screwed (thanks, HosPAC for quashing homo allies, by the way).  We'll need that $0.15 discount on those drinks to drown our sorrows when we can't take the damn bus out of the County to find housing or jobs.  Awesome.

Deep breath.

Anyway, we need to be sure that our County Council and Chief Executive understand that we are law-abiding, tax-paying, bus-riding, drink-buying residents of this County and we deserve equal rights. 

So, our champions have their work cut out for them.  Bill and Doug, Patrick and Bruce.  Rich.  Brenda.  Gary and Steel City need to work with Luke to make sure he understands these issues.  Someone needs to do something with Dan.  Maybe explain budgets. 



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  • The only way I'm in favor of this mergeration is if it's more like the county being merged into the city, than the city being merged into the county. So if city laws are more home-friendly than county laws, to me that's just another reason.
    Very interested in Luke's big gay luncheon. Don't suppose it's open to the press? Na, that'd be too much to ask.

  • Well Sue I once again need to correct you. There is NO big gay meeting coming up. A few supporters of Luke are having a get together (NOT AT IMAGES!) to discuss some initiatives with him. You can bet that I have already had numerous calls with some of his staff and I will most definitely bring up your points you have here. For the commenter that asked if it was open to media…No as its a private meeting and not on his public agenda.

  • Maybe instead of correcting me, the attention should be directed toward correcting Luke's very outdated stances on gay issues. That would probably better serve the larger gay community.
    Actually, I'm not sure how you corrected me. What you describe is a meeting between Luke and gay people. “Get together” is as much an understatement as “big gay luncheon” is an overexaggeration. If Luke is taking private meetings with his gay supporters, I think it is perfectly appropriate for the rest of the gay community to make a bit of a clamor to make sure our issues are being put on the table. After all, the man doesn't support gay civil unions. So how effective are his supporters at educating him on the finer points of gay politics and advocacy?
    And is everyone invited to the luncheon defining themself as a supporter of the Mayor? If I asked, what would they say? Would you make that list public? Are people comfortable being publicly identified as supporters of the Mayor?

  • Bram,
    Maybe you should call the Mayor's office and ask.
    I'm hopeful those organizing these meetings will invite at least the local gay media (me and the guy from OUT, I guess). I could use a good lunch.

  • Sue,
    Why don;t you try to get a meeting with Luke and discuss your issues you have about the gay community with him.
    just a thought

  • Because that isn't the answer. Our Mayor should sit down publicly with our community to talk about our issues. He has avoided doing that.
    What impact does one solitary lesbian have — especially one without the means to make a signficant campaign contribution? Seriously.
    This is about access for an entire community. Luke has does nothing to open those channels.
    Besides I make a greater impact by posting on this blog and creating a forum to talk about these issues. I don't edit comments or delete the ones that disagree with me. If I blog and five people take some sort of action, that's going to resonate more widely than me trying to get a meeting with Luke Ravenstahl.
    Finally, I'm not a community leader. I don't hold an elected position with any of the community groups, nor do I work for a LGBT organization. If Luke takes a meeting with me, I don't have the means to bring about change. Is that the most effective use of my resources? No.

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