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You probably saw the giant face and know that we have a new dog.  I've been blogging like mad about her over at

But the LGBTQ worlds needs some attention, too.

First up, the latest letter to the editor in the Post-Gazette. Jay Jarrell of McMurray drags out the arguments that marriage is about purpose, ie. the next generation.  He uses big fancy words to make his point, completely ignoring the evidence that many non-human life forms engage in non-purposeful sexual activity.  Because it feels good.  Ah, poor Mr. Jarrell.  Maybe someone needs to buy him a few early Prince albums and help him understand that marriage does not equal sex and procreation.  (I'm secretly guessing that he is one of those guys who watches news stories about parents who make disastrous choices and thinks that there should be laws about who gets to parents.)

Second, there was no mention of PghLesbian Correspondents (PLC) in the Cutting Edge this week.  Sigh. 

The Philadelphia Boy Scouts are suing the City.  Philly is tossing them out of a publicly funded building b/c the Scouts discriminate against adults and children who are LGBTQ, not to mention the Scouts with LGBTQ family members.  The Scouts are crying foul because other homophobic groups still get to rent some space at a public rate. 

I try not to support the Boy Scouts.  In fact, one of my favorite work moments was when a heterosexual coworker spontaneously spoke out against the agency participating in a Scouting for Food drive because the Boy Scouts policy conflicts with our own nondiscrimination policy.  I felt so good!  I mean, let's do our own food drive.  Hurrah!

The GLCC is looking for volunteers to help staff a LGBTQ volunteer team for the upcoming WQED pledge drive. This sounds like fun.   

 WQED has approached the GLCC about being a pledge partner -and is requesting LBGT volunteers to help staff phones during Pride month.  Volunteers will be well fed during their shifts and be representing the greater LBGT community.

Below are the dates for WQED's June pledge drive.  GLCC volunteers are needed to work as phone operators in WQED's studio.  The programming listed will be airing while you are in the studio.  We have some fun nights coming up!

Please note:
 1.) The specific dates, times, and programs they would like to volunteer for
2.) GLCC volunteers should call or email me (Peter) directly to sign up for the shift (not just show up!) so we can keep a record of how many folks to expect during each shift
If we can staff at least two or three of these nights with GLCC volunteers/members, we'll go along way towards meeting our pledge drive goals. 
Sunday June 1
Righteous Brothers 21st Anniversary Concert
Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music
Under the Sea With Al Giddings
Celine Dion: A New Day
Wednesday June 4
American Soundtrack: Doo Wop's Greatest Hits
Celine Dion: A New Day
Thursday June 5
Steel City Chefs III Cooking Marathon
Saturday June 7
My Music: The 1960's
Steve Miller Band Live in Chicago

IF INTERESTED IN COVERING ANY OF THESE SHIFTS (even for a few hours)  contact Peter directly to sign up at:



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