And the award for best lesbian commentary on a police issue goes to …

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents!  Or PLC as the Post-Gazette's Cutting Edge feature referred to us.  The lesbians are not amused.  Pgh Lesbian is an appropriate abbreviation.  PLC sounds like an 80's one-hit-wonder smushed with a bureaucratic acronym.

It is curious that 2 Political Junkies was featured for a LGBT comment whereas we get the nod for police commentary. It did generate a lot of comments so perhaps that's the trick to get MSM attention — write provocative stuff that pokes at beloved social justice entities? 

Anyway, we are happy to accept the award for best female blogger in a supporting role. We'd like to thank our 26-100 daily readers.  Without you, it would get mighty boring around here.  We also have to thank Chris Briem, 2 Political Junkies and PittGirl for inspiring all of us to strive just that much harder to get an inch or two in the Post-Gazette. 

Nothing says Pittsburgh as when the Post-Gazette ignores hundreds of other bloggers to focus on the same four voices. All you need is a quote from the CPRB … just kidding, Beth. 

Is Tony Norman hosting the post-awards luncheon?



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