And the award for best lesbian commentary on a police issue goes to …

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents!  Or PLC as the Post-Gazette's Cutting Edge feature referred to us.  The lesbians are not amused.  Pgh Lesbian is an appropriate abbreviation.  PLC sounds like an 80's one-hit-wonder smushed with a bureaucratic acronym.

It is curious that 2 Political Junkies was featured for a LGBT comment whereas we get the nod for police commentary. It did generate a lot of comments so perhaps that's the trick to get MSM attention — write provocative stuff that pokes at beloved social justice entities? 

Anyway, we are happy to accept the award for best female blogger in a supporting role. We'd like to thank our 26-100 daily readers.  Without you, it would get mighty boring around here.  We also have to thank Chris Briem, 2 Political Junkies and PittGirl for inspiring all of us to strive just that much harder to get an inch or two in the Post-Gazette. 

Nothing says Pittsburgh as when the Post-Gazette ignores hundreds of other bloggers to focus on the same four voices. All you need is a quote from the CPRB … just kidding, Beth. 

Is Tony Norman hosting the post-awards luncheon?



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  • Ah, yes. There are bloggers, and there are bloggers.
    It's time for some serious elevation in the Burghosphere, Sue.
    I'm a girl who loves me some humor, but I no longer laugh at the gang of middle-aged men who make unfunny homosexual jokes on a regular basis … I don't care about PittGirl's identity … I marvel that a CMU instructor takes such great pains to dissect the very things he deems so unimportant, for example — a Penguins fan who calls him out. Pensblog may not be as eloquent, but the heart and soul of fandom (and on another note, wit and humor and *change*) are not possessed only by the literate elite. Otherwise, I ask you — would we have had Ali? Would we have had rap — the musical coming-of-age of African-American music? I could go on (it's early), but I think you get the idea.
    All the back-patting and return back-patting are leaving handprints that are very *un*flattering.
    There are some excellent blogs “here” — I always cite Null Space by Chris Briem. Oh yes, there are others, and if you're one of them, let me hear about it. People who blog for purpose and not for vanity. Or vanity in the guise of purpose.

  • Pittsburgh's burghosphere is rather incestuous. The PG is just following a local trend, which is rather sad given their status as the preeminent member of the local MSM.
    I just wish we could find a balance between excruciating analysis of every breath City Council takes and excruciating analysis of every keystroke bloggers make.
    I'll be watching you …

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