The GLCC wants your sex toys


The GLCC is exploring a new program to provide safer sex educational tools and resources.  This arose from a recent presentation to a class of medical students where it became apparent that the students were not familiar with certain sex toys, suggesting that they would not be in a position to educate their patients.  Moreover, would they be unable to take an accurate sexual history if they aren't asking the right questions? 

Organizers have lined up a health nurse educator to offer a monthly session on safer sex practices, sex toys, etc.  They've found donors to provide condoms and printed materials.

They are having a wee bit of trouble identifying a funder to purchase sex toys.

That's where you come in.  You know you have some that are just “gathering dust” so to speak.  Or maybe something you never opened because it looked much easier to use in the catalogue.  Now is your chance to be part of the solution and help keep Pittsburgh's queer community healthy and safe. 

You can also donate a brand new toy directly or make a financial donation designated for the sex toy project here.

Imagine discussing that tax deduction with H&R Block?  🙂

Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea.  Ledcat and I sponsored a sex-toy party at the GLCC about 4 years ago with the fabulous Girls Night In (sigh) folks.  The turnout was huge and the evening was filled with lots of laughter and perplexed looks as Karen passed around her merchandise.  People were curious and they showed up to get some answers.

I hope this isn't too scandalous, but what a fabulous tribute to two advocates of a healthy Pittsburgh LGBTQ community to get the word out about this project within moments of learning of their passing.  Not only will this help educate local queers, but also promote better understanding in the health community as well.  That's a really good idea to get behind.  No pun intended (well, maybe just a little bit).


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