Queer as Folk Events

800+ people have forwarded this information to me. 

Steel City Stonewall, the Gertrude Stein Club and Hillary Clinton for President are bringing back Queer as Folk to Liberty Avenue.  There's a pub crawl Saturday night and a cocktail hour Sunday afternoon.  Sharon Gless, Robert Gant and Michelle Clunie are the guests of honor. 

I have never seen a single episode of Queer as Folk.  Should I rent it? 

Anyway, it is kind of cool pub crawl as pub crawls go.  I won't be doing that part because of the bar smoke, but I'm hoping to cover the cocktail mingling and get some inside scoop on which local homos are pro-Hillary and why. 

The most important thing is knowing which of you homos is pro-voting. 



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  • I'm GLBT and I will ultimately wind up supporting Mike Gravel because he is the only candidate who believes we are people too.
    I'm not supporting Hillary Clinton because I can't find any evidence that she cares about me. The Clintons have a long and sordid history (talent, really) of telling the public what they want to hear. I am sick and tired of seeing all of this “YAY HILLARY” crap in my inbox from the queer events mailing list.
    Evil Obama. He looks better than Billary on gay rights, really.
    I am tired of the groupthink mentality among the lesbian community here. There must be speech policing, Hillary proselytizing, and great feelings of indignity about everything. PrideFest, naturally, will be a discriminatory affair catering exclusively to gay white men. Yes, some of us women actually want to party and have a good time, not do tea and vegan dinner. The next time you want to bitch about PrideFest, why don't you help organize it, or do something besides whining in your blog about how rotten and discriminatory we are.
    I am tired of everyone being a victim in Pittsburgh. I loathe the identity politics game, too.

  • Wow. Lot of anger there. First, I have volunteered for PrideFest in the past. For three consecutive years, in fact. Last year, I promoted PrideFest quite a bit on my blog. This year, I'm staffing a table at Pridefest and organizing an event the week prior. I step up when it comes to PrideFest. You should get your facts straight before you hurl the accusations.
    You make the oh-so-common assumption that any criticism is “bitching” which is inaccurate and frankly, the same speech policing you complain about three sentences prior. Reconcile that, please.
    As for free speech and groupthink mentality, I am the one who created this forum for dialogue. I even let people like you rant anonymously without censoring you. So bring it on.

  • Not quite what I meant, but I don't care to censor you any more than you'd censor me. Bitching about bitching is still a pro-free speech move. So blog on.

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