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I was very depressed after picking up this week's City Paper.  The feature article on recycling was the slap in the face you really need even though it hurts like a bitch.  Bill Driscoll confirms my deep seeded fear that the majority of my do-gooder efforts are essentially pointless because I take the easy way out.  I can sort and pack and visit Construction Junction as often as I want.  It only matters if it gets me to make the paradigm jump (shift if you like) from being content to recycle to actually reducing my consumption of … well, everything. 

This is the part where my head starts to spin from all of the overwhelming changes I must make to be a better person and I just want to lay down for awhile in a dark room.  Sense to Save blogger Kacie explores a similar issue around frugality and environmental consciousness. Is frugality just about saving money or reducing consumption?  Hmmm.

What Bill didn't do is answer a whole list of questions I have about recycling.  Why can't lids be recycled if they are made of plastic, too?  Why don't Whole Foods and the Co-op carry large blue bags for recycling in the City?  Is it true the bags are not recycled?  Cause that sucks.  Can you recycle an orange juice carton with the little plastic spouty thing?  Finally, where do you go to get these questions answered?  I've visited all the city, county and state websites.  If see the words “paperboard, like cereal boxes” one more time in print, I will wail and gnash my teeth. 

Moving on …

The City Paper also covers recent goings on with the 3rd Annual Dyke March. I had a nice chat with Eli today, who reaffirmed that Persad has offered a lot of support (Go Betty Hill!) and other community institutions have made overtures.  She also told me she accidentally discovered Hoi Polloi while planning the march and is very excited to have an awesome lesbian-owned business to support as they plan, plan and organize.  Ledcat and I *a*d*o*r*e* Hoi Polloi.  Tonight, I discovered I like kidney beans!  Who knew!

Anyway … stay tuned for more dyke march news and more hoi polloi news.  And more Betty Hill news, too, if I can find some. 

Letters to the Editor ….

Pat Gannon Voye of Robinson actually used the expression “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” in his letter to the Post-Gazette.   Even if s/he is stuck in the 1980's, a good point is raised as to why the separate, but equal solution will never suffice:

 But no way should those persons be afforded the dignity of legal marriage.

Yep, no dignity for us homos. 

Kristen Danzi of Oakland, however, has pulled back the wizard's curtain on the whole marriage amendment sham of an issue:

It is time for our state senators to dismount the dead horse of bigotry and return to their jobs: improving the lives of all Pennsylvanians, not reducing some to second-class citizenship.

The older white guy columnist for the PG (oh, can't you tell which one I mean?) has a little shout out for the homosexuals on the claim that conservatives are happier than liberals:

Well, I don't buy it at all. It has always seemed to me that conservatives are happiest when they are hot and bothered about something. I long ago concluded that being constantly dyspeptic is the fun of it for them, the sole reason they hold their peculiar views. It is why they listen to talk radio, so that their underwear will ride up their rear quarters in indignation.

What else can one assume when they go to such extraordinary lengths to invent issues to be irritated about? Who but cranky types care about the alleged threat of gay marriage, for example? It's simple to me: If you don't approve of gay marriage, don't marry a gay person, but in the meantime have the good manners to mind your own business.

You go, Reg. 

I haven't blogged about Tony Norman in awhile. He amused me today with memoirs of his cold, while he contemplated the role of race in Obama's loss in Pennsylvania.  I get what he is saying, but /.. you know what, I'm going to email him and ask him first.  Then I'll blog about it.

Anyway, that's the news from Lesbian Central.  I'm now going to go lay in the dark and avoid consuming anything. 


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